Web Marketing is the new marketing tool used by companies to promote their products or services. The World Wide Web has provided the perfect medium for business to establish a closer and more interactive relationship with their customers and the possibility of attracting new clients with little effort and costs; other that maintaining good online marketing and an up-to-date business model which should include e-commerce, affiliate marketing and the use of social media marketing.


Social media is a new term in the marketing world but it provides the tools needed for any company to increase profits, visibility and reputation. Old marketing techniques included expensive and complicated ways to build the brand of a company and those who didn’t have the funds to invest, normally ended up with a very low profit margin or in many cases with their gates closed when a new and bigger company with a well-established marketing department was introduced in the competitive world of commerce and business. Web marketing has opened the doors to many new companies and entrepeneurs to form new entreprises based on new product marketing tools.

Pros of Social Media in the Current Environment

Nowadays, web marketing provides the possibility for any company, either small or big to succeed without having to incur in expensive methods or spending vast sums of money; but companies to fail to master web marketing or e-marketing will likely fail in their attempt – social media is vital for any organization to be successful and having an interactive dialogue with clients and future customers by the use of internet based technology is a fundamental part of social media and the accomplishment of their objectives and goals as well as the establishment of the company’s mission and vision.


Top Social Media Sites

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and the new Google+

Although there are hundred of other social media sites, the ones listed are the most important; Facebook for example is considered the number one communication tool used by students in many Universities around the world; a company offering products or services to the young population needs to use Facebook for Business, otherwise its long term survival could be in jeopardy. Even the use of internet among the older generation has increased dramatically and will continue to do so in future years – Internet has been with us for over 20 years now and many of us have been born with this wonderful tool easily available; long gone are the days where we used to go through yellow pages in search of a company offering the products we wanted.


Creating Brand Equity with Social Media Sites

When we talk about creating or building an online brand we refer to the social authority of our website; which at the end of the day, it is the first point of contact for many customers and offer the possibility to offer our products and services to people that were once geographically unreachable. Becoming an expert in your niche or subject is not difficult; the complicated part is being the best among your main competitors. One of the many benefits of the use of the Internet for marketing purposes is a reduction in costs and the opportunities for many people to establish a company and their presence online; however, it is open to everyone and there are more businesses now than ever.

The success of any company can be achieved by the ACT Marketing Approach suggested by the successful entrepreneur and writer Shama Hyder in her book “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” in which some of the key principles of persuasion (attract, convert and transform) are easily explained. The guide will offer everything you need in terms of web marketing and the use of social media to be on top of your competitors and develop the techniques you need to market your business online.