new puppy

Are you bringing home a new puppy?

Any puppy owner will tell you that the first night is the longest. It can be like bringing home a new baby. Puppies are sensitive to change and new smells so that first night can be stressful and lonely.

Here are a few tips to help your puppy make the transition to your home and his new life.

1. Puppies miss their mothers and the litter when they first leave. If you got your puppy from a breeder, ask if you can take home a blanket or t-shirt or something from the doggy bed that will have the mother's smell on it. This will be familiar to your new puppy and help ease the separation anxiety.

2. So, now that you have something that smells like your puppy's old home and his mother, you need to add something that smells of you. This way the pup will start to get used to the new smells of his new home.

3. If you know ahead of time that you will be bringing home a puppy from a breeder, a week or so before hand, purchase a soft cuddly doggy toy and put it in with the litter, this way it will have the scent of the puppies and home, and then bring it home with your puppy..

4. Many new puppy owners swear by the old trick of putting in an old fashioned ticking alarm clock. Just make sure the alarm is not set! Just wind it up and put it in the new bed of your puppy for those first few nights, and then slowly take it away after your puppy starts to settle.

5. Warming up the puppies new bed works well too. You can use a hot water bottle and put under his bedding, and warm up his soft cuddly toy your brought home from the breeder and he should sleep.

Bringing home a new puppy, is exciting for you, terrifying for him, so you need to keep him or her calm that first night or two, and then before you know it, he is used to your scent and will love his new bed, and become a new family member.

As your puppy grows, he is going to need a few things and one of them is a bath! But we all know how hard it can be to coax a dog into a bath. But here is a great dry shampoo that works well between grooming visits. It is a straightforward simple inexpensive kitchen ingredient.

Baking Soda

Although baking soda is natural, it still wouldn't hurt to check for sensitivity. Rub a little bit between your dogs ears on his head and wait for a few minutes to make sure there is no redness. Most likely it will be fine.

Take baking soda and rub it into your dogs coat, making sure to work it in. You dog will like this, because it will feel like a great massage.

Then brush the fur with a dog brush, and keep brushing until the baking soda is out of the fur. This is a great dry shampoo, is absorbs dirt and oil that can leave your dog with a "not so nice smell". This is also a great shampoo for the winter season, this way your dog does not have to get wet. Also great when you are traveling.

My dog started smelling "off" while we were living in a camper and building a house. He used to get into the dirt and roll around and the field next door. I couldn't afford to keep taking him to a groomer, and we didn't have the facilities to give him a bath. So, I bought a box of baking soda, and rubbed it in, waited five minutes or so, and then brushed him out.

He turned out beautiful! We kept this up until we moved in the house and could give him a proper bath. Baking soda is brilliant at getting out that stale "doggy odor".

Enjoy your new puppy!