The modern world has brought about some of the most drastic changes in society, personal and professional life that have ever been seen, and the vast majority of these options have improved life for millions in one way or another.  One of the most beneficial applications of the new technologies around us is in their implementation as security systems or supplements to these systems, while new technologies have helped enhance the world, there is still unfortunately just as much crime as their was prior to their discoveries.  Although, these advances have helped tremendously with the apprehension and conviction of those committing them, and many corporations and individuals alike are turning to these technologies to help protect their investments and families.

Modern Security Systems

There is a very wide range of applications for technology in security, and while there are super-advanced systems employed by organizations like NASA and at Fort Knox, the bulk of the technological breakthroughs that are relevant to the average individual have been in small business and residential protection.Video Surveillance

New components and compatibility across different systems have empowered many individuals to design and implement their own systems complete with video monitoring and even live feeds to remote locations.  Many other systems that have been employed across the world have direct contact with local law enforcement and even fire departments where an alert with the location and type of alarm is sent to the first-responders.

Custom Systems

The compatibility of the systems available today can include just about anything from a CCTV security system to live video surveillance systems that can broadcast to mobile phones, remote computers and even alerts through email or text message.  While these systems sound complex, the level of sophistication is masked by the simplicity of design and use, many of the components today only require following a few simple instructions for installation and operation, with the vast majority of them having the “plug and play” components that set themselves up.

Implementing a CCTV security system is one of the most common applications due to its ease of use, durability and cost effectiveness, as well as the level of skill needed to maintain it.  These systems are known as closed systems since there is nothing being sent out like a silent alarm, and are basically very passive systems, but with the inclusion of any one of the programs or additional components available today, they can be developed into any level of security needed.

Incorporating the Internet

One of the most fascinating and effective strategies for modern security systems is in the use of the Internet to enhance their capabilities, and from the live broadcasts such as those in day-care facilities to using the web to send alerts when alarms are triggered, and even programs that do not start recording until they detect movement, the possibilities are almost limitless.  The web is also useful for finding advice and ideas for unique situations, and the ability to share ideas with those anywhere in the world, or from any walk of life, has led to some truly ingenious applications