Millions of people discover benefits in managing data about their lives. This means they are finding rewards using technology to track things like their spending habits, monthly budgets or even making out grocery lists. The equipment created in this age of know how and machines goes a bit further with one more application for your smart phone.

Along with managing practical data, people will check what is going on with their Facebook page or read the latest blog post from their favorite site. The Beam Company introduced a unique way to take care of how you brush your teeth. This is an application for your cell phone which analyzes and determines if your dental regiment is on the right one.

why use the app?

According to the company that created it, analyzing how users brush will let them make changes to this habit which are meaningful. More importantly, parents are able to verify how well their children are doing in this department.  The app and equipment that comes along with it monitors oral hygiene habits and reports them back to you for analysis. After reviewing it make meaningful changes.

how does it work?

The toothbrush  is easy to use. It takes a couple of AA batteries and links to your smart phone to tell you how well you are cleaning your teeth. The application is available from the Google Play Store or Apple.


The toothbrush sells for $49.99 each from Beam. It is only available in pink or blue, but with a variation for children and adult sizes. The head-piece of the equipment is replaceable for $3.99. No two people can use the same one. Each one has data synced up with specific data for each person. The item is extremely sensitive to water. Be careful when rinsing and never submerge.

professionals have an interest

The company is marketing to dentists and asking them to recommend it to their patients. Orthodontists and other pediatric dentists are specifically sought out. They ask them to encourage their patients to use the app along with the brush to develop better habits.

According to the ads, they will help them meet the oral hygiene needs of their patients better with it. This piece of technology will make the practice more modern and progressive according to the company.

more extras

User profiles for each one designates what brush belongs to who. This makes every user have their own unique data, but all store in one place. The company has secured all the data for your convenience and security purposes. They highly recommend sharing it with your dentist at each visit.

The application has a trophy case for virtual trophies after reaching certain levels of brushing goals. This is wonderful for children to encourage changes you want them to make.

The mobile rewards platform Kiip will also be given. Customizing the goals is an option as well. Customized goals are not rewarded through Kiip

in conclusion

There are a gazillion smart phone apps in the marketplace today that make you scratch your head for reasons they invented them. Another one has come along which should make your life easier. Along with making your grocery lists and checking your Facebook “likes”, you are now able to analyze your tooth brushing behavior with a cell phone. This is definitely the age of technology that keeps on giving.


Any type of toothpaste can be used with the product

any type of toothpaste can be used with the toothbrush