As wardrobes transition from the dark days of winter into the bright, colorful shades of spring, jewelry collections are doing the same. While the classically elegant sterling silver beads never go out of style, during the spring months you’re bound to see more colors and floral accents.


This spring particularly, you’ll see blues that mimic a deep blue see, accompanied by bright and sunny yellow, paired with ultra-mod white. Think a blue blouse or tunic, white fitted Capri pants, and sandals, paired with a bold yellow beaded necklace. The blouse can have large dots or other geometric designs, or even flowers – something mimicking the beads, which is very popular among designers who wish to capture mod flare.


Footwear features mostly browns, whites, and nudes, which means jewelry can get ultra bold to really take center stage. Red beads make a strong statement paired with a white blouse, or for something more subtle, try a coral necklace paired with sable brown and nude-colored shoes.


You can always count on jeans to be in style, with this spring’s style favoring an ultra-fitted stretch look for nights out. This is a great time to go “gold,” pairing a black tunic with a gold bracelet or necklace. If you do opt for a tunic, don’t go crazy with the gold since you’ll want to piece the look together with a fairly large belt. Be sure your belt has gold accents to match. You don’t want to be wearing “clash of the titans” with gold and silver together (unless it’s a piece of jewelry that pairs the two together).


You never want to over-accessorize, so when in doubt, always opt for less. Over-accessorizing can date a person, not to mention it can create an unfavorable vibe about one’s personality. In the case of wearing gold jewelry, a simple gold chain and pendant with small gold earrings or a gold beaded bracelet would work beautifully. You could mix in some black beads or clear glass beads on your necklaces and bracelets, for a truly elegant, timeless look.


For daytime accessorizing, you can wear beige heels or sandals with a light brown purse. Browns tend to go with everything (except for black) and add a hint of “casual” to otherwise dressy attire. Soft floral necklaces work well with browns as well, such as a rose colored beaded necklace or an amethyst bracelet.


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