Star Wars fans will delight again this year as the 2010 Lego sets are released for your building pleasure. Buy'em, build'em, play with'em, and display'em. Whatever you want to do with them is up to you. It should take you a few days to get all of these put together so there should be hours of entertainment for even the fastest of constructor.

Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

The size of the Imperial Star Destroyer is 23 inches long. This set includes a miniature of Darth Vader, Imperial Officer, Grand Moff Tarkin, 2 Stormtroopers, R2-D5, 2 Emperor's Royal Guards, and Mouse Droid. The top and sides open to give you a glimpse of the inside of the ship. There are turbo laser cannons, an escape shuttle, and a Emperor hologram. This is an expensive set but worth it to the hard core Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Lego General Grievous Starfighter

This one runs about $100 and includes a minifigure of General Grevious and 4 lightsabers. The lightsabers and landing gear can be stored for flight. This set has 232 pieces. The Star Wars Lego General Grievous Starfighter is not terribly complex to assemble. Although a good collector's piece this one is not the best for actual play.

Star Wars Lego Hoth Wampa Cave

This set features a cave and a snowspeeder. The minifigures are of Luke in Hoth gear and Zev Senesca in a snowspeeder uniform. This is another set that does not stand up to rough play. It should be for display and collection only.

Star Wars Lego Slave I

This set includes minifigures of Hans Solo, Bob Fetta, and Bosk. The Star Wars Lego Slave I set contains 373 pieces. This is a very complex set that takes 2 instruction booklets to put together. This set also includes stickers. The ship is a great looking miniaturization.

Star Wars Lego Clone Turbo Tank

801 pieces are included in this set. This is a large piece with 10 wheels. The cockpit, engine, turbo bay, and rear utility are easily accessible. The included minifigurines are Luke Skywlker, Dack Rlter, Mace Windu, Sand Trooper, 2 Battle Droids, and 3 Clone Troopers.

Star Wars Lego Plo Koon's Starfighter

This set contains 175 pieces. The minifigures are of Jedi Master Plo Koon and an R7-D4 Astromech Droid. The minifigures can be ejected from the cockpit of the Starfighter. The Star Wars Lego Plo Koon's Starfighter is 10 inches long.

Star Wars Lego Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle

Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle contains 592 pieces and has the minifigures of Anakin Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine, a medical droid, and a clone pilot. The wings of this shuttle fold easily and the minifigures actually stay in their seats when you move it around. This is a pretty good set for both playing and collecting.

The sets for this year are pretty good. They certainly have a few faults but all in all they are a nice addition to the Star Wars Lego world. Get them now so that you can start saving for next years sets.