Roland and Fender Musical Instruments introduce the Roland VG Stratocaster G-5. This is a versatile instrument that focuses on traditional design but brings you the latest in digital music technologies. Using Roland’s revolutionary COSM modelling with the classic Fender Stratocaster design the VG G-5 is a unique and incredible instrument that guitar players will enjoy playing. Find out more about the VG G-5 guitar in this article.

The Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster

This new Stratocaster from Roland allows guitar players to instantly access many alternate tunings, choose between a wide selection of electric, acoustic, and 12 string sounds all from one guitar. The controls are easily accessible from the familiar Stratocaster design body on the front of the guitar. The VG  G-5 represents the next step in the VG Stratocaster which expands the potential of the guitar through though familiar designs and cutting edge digital processing that is helping to define the new age of music creation.

The Roland G-5 is driven by a Gk-3 divided pickup that gives the player a huge variety of different sounds all on one instrument. You can play single coil, humbucking, and other sounds from the one Stratocaster design from Roland. All the play needs to do is adjust the familiar controls of the Strat control and dial in a world of new tonal possibilities without picking up another guitar. You can easily switch from electric to acoustic sounds in a song for example, without having to pick up a new guitar. Twenty sounds on the guitar include 12–string, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, humbucking, acoustic guitar, plus five alternate tunings. You can use the mode control to select one of five distinct modes on the guitar and the tuning control enables players to instantly select G tuning, drop D, baritone, and other tuning features of the instrument without stopping to re-tune the instrument. The acoustic model even features a digital reverb effect.

This guitar is still a genuine Fender Stratocaster and it has a solid body with a 22 fret maple neck with a rosewood or maple fretboard. The guitar features 3 single-coil Alnico 5 pickups with a 5 way selector switch, a tremolo bridge, and a 3-ply pick guard and chrome hardware. The guitar will feel and play like a normal Stratocaster but have the added digital features that make this new guitar from Roland stand out in the crowd. The guitar comes in a sunburst finish with a rosewood fingerboard or a black finish with a maple fingerboard.  The controls on the guitar features normal, modeled Stratocaster, modeled telecaster, modeled humbucking pickups, and modeled acoustic guitar. Tuning includes normal, drop D, open G, baritone, and 12-string guitar. The guitar will take AA batteries or an adapter for the modeling features. Starting in March 2012 players will be able to pick up and play this new and unique Stratocaster design from Roland and Fender Musical instruments.

My Thoughts

This looks to be a very exciting and unique instrument. After watching a video of it on YouTube I can say that it sounds quite good for a guitar with digital processing capabilities and it looks great too. The main problem I see with this guitar is how much it will cost and the added costs if the great should break down. If you open up a regular Stratocaster you’ll see just how simple the guitar really is and when you add more electronics like this one has then the potential for problems exists and the price tag for fixing those problems is likely to be high since this is such a new guitar.

The upside is that the guitar offers an amazing range of tones at the touch of a button and the ability to change from style to style on the fly as you play is perfect for those players at a gig who don’t want to switch guitars all the time. You could take this guitar to a show and potentially use it for all the guitar parts without changing to another instrument. This saves you packing dozens of guitars and taking them with you and could save space ina bus for other gear you might want to take with you. This guitar could be well worth the money with all the features it offers. The Roland G-5 VG Fender Stratocaster is a winner.