You might be one of those who face the constantly agony of not being able to wear the clothes like or that sexy bathing suit you have always wanted to strut on because of your troubles with stretch marks.

Getting rid of these marks can take a long time, and it takes diligence and discipline to do that. However, if you can spend a couple hundred extra bucks to give yourself back the confidence of presenting your naked skin, then you can choose from these stretch mark surgery techniques:

One surgery you can try is the tummy tuck, which removes the lower skin part of your abdomen which might have had stretch marks because you gained weight or recently had a pregnancy.

This is a common surgery for removing your stretch marks. With regular consultation with your doctor, recovering from the surgery could take only a few weeks.

Another stretch mark surgery that you can undertake is called the fractional laser resurfacing, which can take a number of treatments.

In each treatment, fractions of light are induced on the skin through laser, which causes wounds detectable only at the microscopic level. The skin normally responds to this by creating new epithelium and collagen, which repairs the "wounded" parts.

In each treatment, a certain fraction of the stretch marks are targeted, so that the response of the body's formation of collagen can be monitored. After the series of treatments, your skin would have produced "new skin" to heal the wounds.

The healing of the wounds would allow your body to remove your unwanted stretch marks. But before undergoing this surgery, you have to consult with your doctor to first find out the response time of your body in producing collagen.

Your doctor should adjust your treatments according to your body's natural response. Both stretch mark surgery techniques have been proven effective in studies and experiments in teenagers (for their adolescence' tendency to form stretch marks) and women who acquired stretch marks after getting birth.

The results of the studies have been published in academic journals which pushed more doctors to offer the procedures to more people. So what are you waiting for? Get the surgery that suits you now!