A paper towel holder is something that most people have in their kitchens but it's something that most people really don't put a lot of thought into. This can really help you to get a coordinating theme in your space. It can also help you with the function of a small kitchen.

Wrought Iron Paper Towel Holder

Make the material more sophisticated. If you do decide to go for a theme then it's important to really keep this very chic. This is something that we see in a lot of kitchen accessory sets and it features apples, roosters, fruit, or even a fat chef. This can be a little bit cheesy. However, you can still make subtle odes to your design style. For a French theme you could go for a wrought iron version with a subtle fleur-de-lis design. Really, whenever you remove a lot of the porcelain and painted elements and bring in these metal kind of elements it's really going to allow you to decorate with themes but in a very sophisticated kind of way.

Rooster Paper Towel Holder

Space Saving Solutions

If you have a small kitchen then it's really important to get your paper towel holder off of that countertop. You can look for a wall paper towel holder. This can be part of your entire shelving system. It could have a lot of wrought iron detail too so it looks country to really maximize your space. Another option would be just to go with a sleeker stainless steel and glass shelving kind of system.

You can also get a cabinet paper towel holder. This can be one of your least expensive and least obtrusive options, which is perfect for a modern kitchen. It's going to install underneath your cabinets and then helps you to free up a lot of your counter space.

Marble Paper Towel Holder

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Paper Towel Holder

If you are going to have this on your counter then it really needs to work with your overall design style. We are seeing a lot of metal versions right now. This means an oil rubbed bronze with ornate finials on it for Tuscan and traditional kitchens. This can even relate back to the finials on your window treatments. However, we are also seeing a sleeker stainless steel design too. It can even have an entire stainless steel cover over it if you want the paper towels themselves to really just disappear.

This can also be a fun and unexpected housewarming gift or even a wedding gift. In this case you want to go for something that will really make it different and technology is a great way to do this. In fact we are even seeing hands-free dispensers right now, although this will be one of your most expensive options.

Wrought Iron Paper Towel Holder

This can also be a very elegant piece. In this case, you can go for more of a worn or aged copper kind of finish. It can have a lot of scrollwork to it. Usually this would be very dated if you found it on something like kitchen cabinet knobs. However, just update your application to instantly update the old design style.