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Ā, ā, Ē, ē, Ī, ī, Ō, ō, Ū, ū

Ā, ā, Ē, ē, Ī, ī, Ō, ō, Ū, ū

When review information is marked up in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and use it to understand and present the information on your pages. Review information such as ratings and descriptions can help users to better identify pages with good content.

Usage guidelines

The goal of a review rich snippet is to provide users with information about a specific product or service, such as the star rating (1 to 5 stars) and the name of reviewer(s).

The following guidelines apply to snippets:

  • When using markup, the main topic of the page needs to be about a specific product or service. For example, using review markup on a page containing multiple products is not supported.
  • Review of adult-related products or services are not supported.
  • If the markup contains a single review, the reviewer’s name needs to be a valid name (Person or Organization). For example, "50% off until Saturday" is not a valid name for a reviewer.

You can mark up either individual (for example, an editor's of a product), or aggregate review information—for example, the average rating for a local business or the total number of user reviews submitted.

Use the individual format for pages containing a single . For pages containing a collection of reviews, use the Review-aggregate format. If your page contains both (for example, an editor's plus a set of user ), we recommend picking one format. Use the individual Review format to mark up the editor's review OR you can use the -aggregate format to summarize the set of user reviews. If a page contains both types of markup, Google will use the -aggregate markup for display.

Here you will find easy, painless techniques and ideas to improve your Web site quality and make your Web site valid. This document is intended for HTML users, developers working on Web applications, and Web masters.

Most of the Web sites on the Web are not valid. We may assume that this is the case for 99% of the Web pages, but there are no statistics to support this. It would be interesting to run a survey to prove that this case is indeed true.


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