Update 04/03/2013: I wrote this article a while ago to help people get an Adsense account via InfoBarrel. However, it seems that Google has become more strict about its program and you probably need a blog to apply for a Google Adsense now.

The good news is that you do NOT need an Adsense account anymore to make money at InfoBarrel and that I wrote a full article about it here:

Making money with InfoBarrel: now possible without Adsense!

I keep this original article in case you are still curious about how to get a Google Adsense account.

 Getting a Google Adsense account is one of the most tricky part of making money on InfoBarrel. Just today, I got a PM from someone who asked me a completely legitimate question about it. Here is what you need to know about the Google Adsense Publisher program.

1) Google Adsense and InfoBarrel

First, you must understand that InfoBarrel lets you use a Google Adsense account but is not taking part in your relation with Google. For example, if you want an account, you should request it to Google directly, not to InfoBarrel. The same way, if you have some problems with your Adsense account, at the end of the day, you will need to deal with it with Google. 

Of course the community here is very helpful and will have no problems answering questions, giving you advice, etc... but noone here can manage your Adsense account. 

2) How to Get Started

You need to send your request to Google directly. When asked for the URL of your website/blog, enter your home page at Infobarrel. For example, mine is http://www.infobarrel.com/Users/adragast Replace "adragast" with your username.

Google Adsense will answer with your ID and with a code you are supposed to add to your website/blog to prove your ownership of this website/blog. As you don't own InfoBarrel, this last part is a bit puzzling. Actually, the only thing you need to do is to set up the ID you just got and set it up under your Account (tab "Advertising Profile"). InfoBarrel will take care of adding the proper code to all the articles you have written and will write in the future. Aren't they nice?

Google Adsense will then check your articles and if you have written plenty of those (over 20 for example) and have been around for a long time (more thana month for example), your application should be accepted. If you are new here, your application may be denied. See the next paragraph.

3) Your Application was Denied, What to Do?

First of all, DON'T PANIC. It happens. A lot. And not only at InfoBarrel. What you should do next depends on the reason of the denial:

- "could not check the authenticity of your blog/website" (or something similar):

Double check the ID is correctly set under your advertising profile (you forgot to save it? you mistyped one of the character?). If everything seems correct, just ask in the forum, it is quite easy to check the ID in the meta data of your articles.

- "your website was down or not reachable, we were not able to check it" or something similar:

Double-check the URL you have provided to Google Adsense. Be careful about the uppercase/lowercase letters in the URL. For example, this is correct:


This is not:


If the URL is correct, working fine, etc... it may simply be because InfoBarrel experienced some downtime when Google tried to check your articles. Submit your application again. InfoBarrel is generally up so it cannot fail again because of that.

- "not enough content" or something similar:

This has become the most common reason. Google wants advertisers to take it seriously and for this, it must select publishers in a more controlled way than before. Too many people think they will become rich overnight just by writing 10-15 articles. They write 2 or 3 articles, see it will not be that easy after all, give up and never publish again. This is what Google wants to avoid and you need to prove you are serious about writing online.

There are several possibilities from there. You can either continue writing articles for InfoBarrel and wait one more month before reapplying. Easiest but require a bit of patience. Or you can create your own Blogger blog, write 10-15 articles there and apply with that blog. It may help a little since Blogger is a service offered by Google. 

Someone also mentioned answering for a Q&A website but you need to have 50 selected answers (selected by the person asking the question) and I gave up quite quickly. The answers are completely biased to make the asker feels good, right, etc...

- other reasons:

For any other reasons, just don't hesitate to ask in the forum. We all know how hard it is to get an ID today and how painful the process is. This is a one-time in a life process. As soon as you have your ID, you will be able to add your adsense ads to any community websites that support it, to any blogs or websites you create etc... 

4) Waiting for Your Approval - Blank Ads?

While waiting for your approval, if you set up your Adsense ID, you will notice that the ads on your article are blank. What does this mean? What to do about it?

As soon as you enter your Adsense ID under your advertising profile, InfoBarrel will start displaying YOUR ads in your articles. The problem? Before you are approved by Google, your ads are empty. This is why you will see empty or blank ads in your articles.

What to do? While waiting for the approval, there is nothing to do. In the case your application was denied and you could remove your ID, and set it up again later, before you apply again (or you could simply leave your ID as it is and continue writing).

5) In Summary

In summary:

  • request an account to Google Adsense
  • get an ID from Google
  • set up the ID in your advertising profile
  • wait to be approved (blank, empty ads)
  • -> approved? great, go to 6)
  • denied? don't panic, just continue writing
  • (optional: remove your ID because you really don't like the blank space in your articles)
  • write some more
  • (optional: if you removed your ID , set it back before re-applying)
  • re-apply