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New User Guide: Setting up Your Advertising Accounts on InfoBarrel

By Edited Sep 22, 2015 6 11

Where to find your advertising profile?

Setting up your Advertising Profile is actually quite easy. Go to your account and click on the "Advertising Profile".



How to Set up Your Profile

In your advertising profile page, you should have something similar to this:


If you are new, you will not have the Google Analytics line, though. It only appears after you wrote your 10th article.

I have hidden part of my ids but you should still understand what kind of ID you are expecting to set up here.

Google AdSense: InfoBarrel is now using its own Adsense ID to display ads on our articles so you do not have to enter your adsense info in your settings. Just set up your paypal account and you will be paid when you reach $50.

Amazon Associates Tracking ID: it is your Amazon affiliates ID. It will be used when one reader clicks on an item displayed on your article and buys something (even something else actually). You can use your ID to create links to some products inside your article or in your signature but then of course it will have nothing to do with the setting here.

Google Analytics Site ID: your Google Analytics ID. As stated above, you won't have this line at the beginning. When set up, this enables you to get more info about your readers. Traffic source, keywords used to get to your articles and so on. It is a great source of information so you should set it up when you have the possibility.

What About Your Referral Link?

If you refer a person to IB, you get 2% of this person's earnings. This comes from the site share so this person is earning the same whether using your referral link or not.

For example, imagine this person is at 70% revenue share (this changes depending on contest participation and so on). 

If this person registered at IB directly, this person will get 70% of ads revenue, IB will get the remaining 30%.

If this person used your referral link, this person will get 70%, you get 2% and IB get 28%.

Where do you find your referral ID? In Account, Account Settings, Referrals. See below:

Referral Link


Where can I see how much I earn per referral at InfoBarrel?

If you make money through writers you referred to the site, you will see an extra line in your earning page. This is however the total money you get through all referrals, not for each of them.

Is it worth it to get a lot of referrals?

Most referrals won't write anything the ones who do will probably earn very little and even if they do 2% isn't much, is it? 

I personally believe that despite this, getting new writers at IB is worth the effort. Why? Because the more writers and activity the site has, the better it is for your articles. If you refer someone who has similar interests as you, you may end up interlinking your articles and make them more attractive to search engines. And as in affiliates sales, you never know what will happen. Maybe one day you will get a thousands-dollars-earning referral. Don't lose this opportunity!

That's it

Don't hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear (comment section below, forum or PM).


Oct 1, 2012 2:19pm
Good article for a beginner like me .It has taken me too long to familiareize myself with Infobarrel
.I have 40 articles yet I have none of the items in your article.
Oct 15, 2012 5:51pm
The good thing is that you don't need to edit all of your articles. Simply set your advertising IDs in your account settings and all your articles will be automatically updated.
Aug 13, 2014 10:24pm
The advertising profile doesn't give me the Google AdSense option. First Tier Ad Management and Amazon are the only two options. I've enabled the ad management. I'm not yet sure about how to join Amazon...still trying to follow the path laid out in this article.
Aug 14, 2014 12:05am
Thanks for your comment! I have updated a few of my articles but had completely forgotten about this one. It was supposed to be integrated in a"New User Guide" series but the admins never found the time to do it.
Anyway, back to your question: InfoBarrel is now using its own Adsense ads on our articles (called Tier 1 ads) and they re-distribute the earnings accordingly. This means you do not have to set up your Adsense info anywhere in your settings. Just set up your paypal address and you are set.
Concerning Amazon, go to the Amazon affiliate website and click on "join for free": https://affiliate-program.amazon.com
Hope this helps, don't hesitate if you have more questions.
Aug 14, 2014 1:30am
I have an existing amazon account, and couldn't get anywhere getting an affiliate ID. However, I do have a number to call later this morning to see if I can get an appropriate ID for IB.

Is Chitka covered by the Tier 1 program as well?
Aug 14, 2014 3:24am
When you say an existing amazon account, do you mean as a customer or as an affiliate? If it is as an affiliate you just need to use your normal affiliate ID (the same you would use on any of your links). If it is just a customer account, then you need to create an affiliate ID by signing up for it.
Chitika is no longer used here.
Aug 14, 2014 9:44am
I am now waiting for a response from Amazon which will take one business day. What happened to instant gratification??? Red tape everywhere. Oy!

Change of subject: I'd like to refer a writer friend to InfoBarrel. I read somewhere that there's a referral link to use. Would you please tell me what it is?

We're both former Yahoo Contributor authors, and Yahoo shut down the contributor network.

All the articles published on Yahoo have been deleted. I'd like to now publish them on IB. The TOS says content submitted has to be original, unpublished previously. Yet I've read that they can be submitted here as long as they are not elsewhere online. Would that be an aye or nay?

I appreciate your awesomely quick responses to my questions, adragast. Thank you :)
Aug 15, 2014 12:54am
I have added a whole new paragraph to this article about referral. Could you see if it answers your questions about referral?

About new content: the rule here is that IB should not be seen as hosting duplicate content in the eyes of search engines. This means your articles should be deindexed by Google before you get them published here. If your article is denied because it is not original, send a private message to the user "admin". Explain them (there are 2 admins) the situation and they will manually approve them. They are very friendly.
Nov 18, 2014 3:53pm

Thank you for taking the time to write a helpful article.

I'm new here, as will become obvious momentarily.

So...I don't need to enter my Adsense info. My question is why do I need an Adsense account anyway (or, how does IB know I do or don't have one?) I do want to get paid, so keep that in mind when/if you answer.

Also...I don't really understand Chitika. I understand they will run ads on my article. I've read I need to sign up with Chitika, but I see no place on IB to input my info (when and if I get approved with Chitika.) It seems maybe your screen shot above is an old one? I have none of that stuff visible on my advertising profile except Amazon and First tier enabled.

Thanks in advance for any clarity you can provide.
Nov 19, 2014 1:59am
Thanks for asking!

Chitika is not used here anymore.

In the past, writers were using their own Adsense account but nowadays, you don't need one. InfoBarrel uses its own Adsense account and pays you directly a percentage of what they make on your articles.

The only account you need outside InfoBarrel is an Amazon affiliates account. It will let you associate your id to Amazon products you want to promote/review.

Don't hesitate if you have more questions, sorry for the confusion.
Sep 20, 2015 9:54pm
Thank you for these great information. I'm trying to set up my advertising profile.
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