Many music lovers around the world will be very much thrilled about the new version of Shareaza. The 1.9 version was released on May 6 and it was an upgrade to an already very popular p2p software program that has made history since Michael Stokes has decided to take matter in his own hands and create the domain, leaving many people with their faces in the sun.

With this new version, Shareaza would allow users to connect to the ED2K network and it will also be able to act as a BitTorrent client, which was an added bonus. But when it comes to the support in regards to these protocols, it was not that great. Soon, Shareaza was known to be a plague for the ED2K network and the Bittorent client. And let me tell you why.

When you are on the ED2K network and you will want to delve into performing a search, you will be pressing enter and then you will be let in on a partial result for your search. This is how eMule & eDonkey work. But when it comes to Shareaza, it will have even the last bit of info requested. It provides you P2P sharing. And what this means is that the servers will be in for a lot of stress. Also, when a download will commence, every eDonkey 2k software program will have to search for new sources for that file every number of seconds you set.

But in regards to Shareaza, it will continuously look for servers. So yes, again the servers are in for a lot of stress. If connections will timeout, eDonkey will connect to the server after sixteen seconds. Shareaza allows people to be connected to many servers at the same time, which is not good again for the servers. And there are many more such things to mention, but I will stop here.

Even though Shareaza has some drawbacks, but free P2P has killed all its drawbacks, it is still a very good and powerful p2p program. It doesn't matter what happened in the past and how things were in the past in regards to Shareaza. They are all gone now. The only thing that matters is that users are getting to have their downloads running flawlessly and at very good speeds.

And when it comes to the files that you can download from it, you should know that there are around fifteen million files that you can download using it. The interface of Shareaza is very much clean and it is arranged in a logical manner. Everything is where it is supposed to me. You can look for a song by its name or you can also introduce other data like the size of the song, its length and so on.

But it also has its flaws. Shareaza has a remote access use and it will require you to use a username and password. But every time you would change them, you would need to have the software restarted in order for the changes to take effect. And what is worst is that the log in data would not be saved every time you exit the program.

Still, Shareaza is an amazing program and if you will decide to use it, you will thank yourself for doing it.