Passive income confuses many people. Income is income, right? Well, yes. However, the ways of generating income are not. Most people are familiar with active income. That is when you go to work and then two weeks later receive a paycheck for the time and labor you provided to your employer. Business owners do much the same thing. They work many hours per week to generate income that they may see in a week or month. People are performing tasks to generate income in a dynamic, active way. Portfolio income is another form. This is the money generated by stocks and bonds as the market grows.

Passive income is a bit different. This is when you do work up front and put things in place to generate funds repeatedly from that same work. Traditionally this type of income came to the creative types and their business partners. When someone wrote a song, that artist held legal rights to it and received a small payment each time someone used the song. The same way writers and graphic artists received use fees for their work. Income from rental properties is another example. This concept has taken on a life of its own with the blossoming of the cyber marketplace. People generate passive income all the time with sales of e-books, graphics, photographs, and other things they own. More and more people find this income growing quickly.

Other forms of cyber passive income include those paid each time you click on an internet advertisement. These pay-per-click ads generate a minute payment to the person who placed it. One click is not much. However, when thousands click it each day, the payments quickly add up and you might stop saying I need money. Some sites pay people for each view of a particular page that person set up. People connect to each other's websites for a fee. This type of income usually has a limited life span, so entrepreneurs often put several in place and continue adding to keep income coming in.

That is one of the quirks of cyber passive income. It often requires activity to keep things going after the initial setup is complete. Marketing needs to continue to keep sales up. New product development continues to replace those at the end of their useful life span. Networking continues to expand the affiliate possibilities. All of this harkens back to the traditional ways of generating income. What is old becomes new again. Learn what you need and adapt it to your needs today.