New Website Ideas

There are 644 million active websites in the world by the end of 2011. You would think that with that number, every topic and every need imaginable, there’s at least one website to fulfil it. That’s not the case. In fact, there are a lot of simple needs that haven’t been met. If you are looking for a website idea, below are some of them.

These ideas have been swirling in my head for some time and had I been a hardcore programmer or can pay someone to do the actual programming, I would have done it already. These site, I believe, have a chance of going big. Since, I know I can’t do it, I might as well give it away and let someone else earn from it.

International Sports Schedule

The sport industry is consistently on the top 15 of all top earning industries. By the end of 2011, approximately, it earned about $100 billion. It is one of the few industries that were not affected by the recession several years back. Also, it is steadily growing with new sports catching the interest of the public through sports personalities becoming big. Who would have thought swimming could be so interesting?  

However, sport websites are highly regionalized and for a good reason. Different countries are interested in different sports. However, it becomes difficult for people who are in other countries but would like to keep tabs on what is happening on other countries. To date, there is no site that aggregates the schedules of all sports events, minor or major.

Site Concept

People can choose to view sports schedules, on any country. They can choose by country/city or sports.

  • This will also include results, stats, and news.
  • There may also be an option to open a youtube channel where there will be highlights of the games
  • A link to purchase tickets and memorabilia for the person buying or for someone else.

Site Requirements

It might not be wise to simply link it to official sites of different sports websites. You may need to invest by getting 1 to 5 people per country to aggregate the schedule and content. It is possible to use existing sites, of course. NBA for example, has all the schedules but there are sports events that don’t have the sophistication. You will definitely need someone per country to get the schedule.


Recipe Website

There are thousands of recipe websites on the web and a lot of them are good but there is no good recipe site where you can input the ingredients you have and let the site give you a recipe based on it.

Site Concept

Anyone can go to the site and input the recipes they have. The site will then pull recipes based on what you have.

  • Users have the option of pulling a recipe based only on what they have or with other additional recipes.
  • The key is in the quality of the recipes. They have to actually be good recipes.
  • There should of course be other options such as including nutritional value, serving amount, and variations.

Site Requirements

You may do it Google style which involves creating a code that will crawl the web for the recipe but you might also need to eventually build up your own recipe. For one, some recipe owners have property over their recipe. Unless you become a search engine for recipes, you might run into trouble.


White Hat Hacking Service

There are a lot of white hat hackers but most of them work for a company. Employing the services of a company is expensive. There are a lot website owners out there who want someone to try and test the security of their site but don’t have a lot of budget.

You can provide independent hacking services. Do note that white hat hacking means you are legally employed to try and break into a site.

Site Concept

It is not different from employing the services of a web developer but instead of asking him to build your site, ask him to try and break into your site.

  • This should, of course be, bound by a contract allowing you to try and break into the site
  • The outcome should include recommendations on how to improve the security of the site and assessment on what’s wrong with the code that makes it easy to break into
  • As an alternative, you may also offer services on how to improve the code of the site to make the site more secure

Site Requirements

First, you need to be a good hacker yourself. Next, you need to be a legal entity. Remember that anyone can actually hack a site, being a legal entity is what will set you apart. You may also employ the services of other hackers.

There are a lot of white hat hacking companies out there but there is no white hat hacking company online that has established itself well. It could be you.


Independent Online Musical Talent Agency

There are a lot of music sites out there. There are a lot of music sites that seeks to give exposure to independent musicians but there are very few independent online music labels that seeks to help unsigned talents.

Site Concept

You can become the home of unsigned talents. You can create a catalogue of their music or performances. Advertising agencies, talent scouts, and talent casters can go to your site to look for materials. Right now, unsigned talents simply create their own site to display their works. They rely on youtube and facebook to display their works.

As much as deviantart is for visual artist, you can become that for performance artist.

Site Requirements

You need talents that are willing to display their work but you also need contacts to casting directors of films, tv, and commercials.

You also need to help talents market themselves.

You also need a good revenue model. You may, of course, rely on ads but eventually, you may want to add other revenue streams. You may want to offer a marketing fee for those who want additional exposure or even actually manage talents.


These ideas are not for everyone. Naturally, those who are not working in the same industry will probably not understand the need for these sites. However, remember that there are sites offer to draw you a picture of a cat for $9 and it is has become a big one, even getting a funding from Mark Cuban. If that site can make it, sites with concepts stated above should stand a better chance.


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