I am just beginning to make my way into the internet marketing and online revenue scheme of things.  These are two of the mistakes I have caught myself doing that I feel may have been holding me back a bit.  Whether I am writing this one for you or for me I’m not quite sure, but either way it helps to learn from past mistakes.




A roller coaster of motivation


New Writer: What are Some of the things Holding back Your Potential to Succeed on Infobarrel?

Being new to this stuff has a way of planting seeds of doubt in a person’s brain.  Trying new things while committing your time and effort combined the possibility that you may not see success in the long run can really take a toll on your mind.  As I sit down and begin writing an article, I often find half way through the writing process that I worry about whether people are going to read my content or not.  I worry about whether or not I am doing things the correct way when it comes to formatting, layout, title, or anything else I am going to publish.  I worry about the criticism I will receive from an article if I am to put my personal opinions into them, but in reality it shouldn’t matter.

New Writer: What are Some of the things Holding back Your Potential to Succeed on Infobarrel?


Anything you do in your life is going to come with the chance of failure.  If what you’re doing in your life has a zero chance of failing, you’re not even living.  Yes, there is a possibility that your articles may not be super successful, there is a possibility of failure, but in order to succeed in this, and anything else you do in life, you just have to keep faith and believe you will succeed in the long run.  You have to put aside all doubt in your mind that you will fail and you have to tell yourself that what you do will be successful.  You have to keep realizing that even though you may not be seeing much income in the beginning of your writing that you will most likely begin to see profit in the long run.  This mode of thought leads me into the second mistake I was making…….. 






Expecting to see money RIGHT NOW!


New Writer: What are Some of the things Holding back Your Potential to Succeed on Infobarrel?

Like most of us out there, I have the desire and hope that my work is going to produce super-fast results.  Since I am relatively new to the idea of internet marketing, article sharing, and passive income, it is still a difficult concept for me to truly wrap my mind around the idea that I do not see a direct form of financial compensation for my work at the end of the week.  My mind has been trained for so long to expect direct exchange between time and money that simply the idea of working for hours with little compensation to show for it at the moment is hard to do. 

I have admittedly wasted heaps of time looking back at my view numbers and small earnings in hopes that I am going to see that one of my articles has gone super viral and has made me millions of dollars.  While there may be a super slight possibility that this sort of thing will happen to you, keep in mind that it is generally not the outcome in this realm of things. 

New Writer: What are Some of the things Holding back Your Potential to Succeed on Infobarrel?

Keep in mind that most of the things you do when dealing with passive income streams will work for you as a marathon and not a sprint.  Your articles will most likely not earn income the day, week, or even the month after you write them.  With time though, you will begin to see money start coming into your pocket.  With time you will see that your articles have paid for the time you have put into them and will continue working for you after that. 

It helped me to think about the fact that even five years down the road that the article I wrote yesterday may still be working for me and bringing me income.


While this may be different from some of the problems you have been facing yourself, I’m sure we have all had some doubt in our minds at some point.  If you have any other problems or doubts you were facing in your internet or infobarrel journey, please feel free to share them along with the best way to resolve that issue.  You would be surprised at how many people face the same sort of battles.