New Year's Eve Party Ideas

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest holiday celebrations of the year. We celebrate our past year's successes and look forward to what a new year will bring us, our families, our jobs, our friends.

If you haven't been celebrating New Year's Eve and would like to get some party ideas to help you decide what to do, read on for these tips to help you have a fun, safe and exciting New Year's celebration.

Plan Early

Many people fail to plan their New Year's Eve Party early enough and at the last minute decide that indeed they'd like to have a party or somehow celebrate. Don't wait. No matter what type of party you'd like, the earlier you make all the arrangements the better the selection of venue, entertainment, limousine and party supplies you'll find.

New Year's Eve Party Ideas – Book a Restaurant

Having your New Year's Eve party at a restaurant is a fun and easy way to get together with your friends or family.

Leave all the mess at the restaurant without having to clean your home before hand or after the party.

Meet with the restaurant of your choice and make reservations for your group. Find out if you can choose your own menu or if the restaurant has a special menu planned for New Year's Eve. Many restaurants are packed for this night and to keep things running smoothly, they provide a limited menu or a special New Year's Eve menu. Get all the details from the restaurant so that you can share the information with your group.

Many restaurants offer live entertainment, hats and noisemakers for New Year's Eve and have an all-inclusive price for the evening including a champagne toast at midnight to ring in the New Year. It's a simple way to get together with your friends without having to arrange it yourself.

Many communities offer complimentary cab rides home on New Year's Eve for safety. Take advantage of this great feature and call a cab for your destination and arrive to and from the event safely.

Book a limousine for the evening with all of your friends so that you can all be together to start celebrating early and not worrying about anyone drinking and driving. Call early if you want to reserve a limousine since many other people will be thinking the same thing and you may miss out if they're all booked – well in advance.

If you'd rather stay at home in the warmth and safety of your own home with friends or family, consider hosting your own New Year's Eve Party.

New Year's Eve Party – Hollywood Costume Party

Invite your friends early before they make other plans for the biggest holiday celebration of the year.

Create a Costume Party theme and ask your friends to come dressed as their favorite movie star.

Find Hollywood style party decorations online for the easiest and largest selection. You can find film clips, action cards, valet parking signs, and Hollywood posters of glamorous movie stars, lights, Hollywood plates and napkins.

Play Hollywood trivia by finding some information on many popular current or older movie stars and make your own quiz cards.

Add balloons and some great simple to make food and you're all set.

Don't forget the champagne toast or for non alcoholic use sparkling juice.

New Year's Eve Party – Dance

Host a dance party for your New Year's Eve gathering and invite all your friends that love to dance and let loose.

Choose the best dance music online and look for the hottest new bands.

Tell all your friends you're hosting a dance party so they can prepare their favorite dance outfits.

Ask everyone to bring a dish to share. This removes the burden from you to cook or prepare all the food, snacks and desserts and will allow you more time to party with your friends.

Clear a living room or other large room in your home by setting up the furniture against the walls and leaving the dancing room in the center.

Decorate with balloons, plates and napkins, New Year's Eve noisemakers and hats to keep it simple yet festive. Buy your New Year's Eve decorations early so you won't be left scrambling for decorations and supplies closer to the holiday when many stores run out their inventory.

New Year's Eve Party Ideas - Kids Party

New Year's Party for Kids

Plan a party for the kids if you prefer to stay home and enjoy the incoming holiday with your family.

Make a few of everyone's favorite snacks and have them help with the cooking and decorating preparations. Allow each child to invite a friend for a sleepover.

Play a board game, card game, Wii or other family favorite game.

Talk about the prior year's successes and discuss goals for the New Year.

Gather a few new DVD's that everyone will like.

Rearrange the seating for everyone including the kids to lounge in sleeping bags, bean bags or other comfortable chairs. If they fall asleep, they'll still be comfortable.

Watch a family movie before the midnight hour to try to keep everyone awake.

Take a break to make a batch of hot chocolate or smores.

Stay up for the New Year's Eve ball drop on television from Times Square to ring in the New Year as one big happy family and have a non alcoholic champagne toast!

Plan a New Year's Eve Party with these or other ideas that you can think of that provide a safe and fun way to ring in the New Year with those you love.