The year has finished, I can hear a lot of you querying 'where did the time go'? Nonetheless, the new year is already here and this is the prime time to make a few of New Year's resolutions. Most people make resolutions related to themselves directly, such as: I will give up smoking/ I will be nicer/ I will start exercising and so on. What most of us don't think about is the place we live and making the resolutions about it. Why not decide upon a few of property related New Year's resolutions as well?

In this article I have listed some resolutions which may be beneficial to you:

Make your home a more environmentally friendly place! Cut down on rubbish, re-use products such as containers for storing items and separate rubbish and dispose of it correctly. This very uncomplicated resolution helps the environment we live in and protects precious resources.

We all know the benefits of smoke alarms and detectors in our homes, but even if we have them installed we seldom check they are functioning. Many of us still do not have detectors in our house; therefore this is a good time to purchase and install some. For those of you who have these detectors put up, you need to make sure they are operating and the batteries do not need changing. Don't ignore this; it may save your life oneday!

Organize in advance! Decide what you want to decorate or refurbish in your property and write them down, so you have a list of chores to be done. Next to each job, write down the materials you need then keep it handy when you are out and about; this way you can buy items in the sales or you may find them cheaper at a different shop. Buying everything at the normal price is going to be expensive on your wallet, this way you can save quite a bit of money. By making plans you have the room to look around and find the best materials for your budget.

When paying for an appliance for your property think about what you require, the price you want to spend before researching thoroughly your options; avoid buying the first one you come across. Think carefully about the product; is it cost effective, for example can you save on your energy bills if you buy the slightly more expensive version?

Conserve energy - can you be more energy conscious? Not only domestic goods, as mentioned, can save energy! It's easy, here are few ideas - don't leave the light on when it isn't needed, don't leave the windows open for too long (it take ages to heat the room in such a case) and turn off the TV/computer when you aren't using it.

Keep your property in a good shape! Keep on top of those odd jobs that you may keep putting off, each property needs standard care. To keep your property in decent shape and avoid massive repair bills, make sure any repairs or redecoration is completed regularly.

As Toronto condos professional, I understand resolutions bounded to home are demanding. As with any resolution, only you can choose what is best for you and what is practical based on your life. Decide to paint the room, change the decor or re-arrange the furniture if you've wanted to for a long time! The New Year is the time to take action! Use this opportunity to do things you choose to do.