1st January 2012

A whole new chapter to a new year and to some, it is a whole new beginning ,wishing to do something better to their lifestyles, work habits or even towards a new goal.

More often than not when we look back, one would realize that the “New Year Resolution” that they have set previously have not been accomplished. This could be due to number factors, like not working hard enough towards it, no monthly reviews and gave up in the end. Resolutions that one sets should also be A.M.W which stands for Attainable, Measurable and Workable.


A goal which is attainable or some say achievable could be something like “Quit smoking in 2012”, “Learn to dive in 2012”, “Lose 10KG by June 2012”, “Get a new job which pays me 20% higher”, “Saving up money effectively” . These are some examples that I get from my peers.  Of course one has to be realistic about setting a new year resolution on him/herself, for example if you earn $3000 per month don’t expect yourself to set a goal which is “earn my first one million in 2012”, it is already mathematically impossible, not to say it demoralizes one’s spirit. So set yourself a goal which you think is possible and logical for you to do it.


Most people might say that setting a resolution is the ideal way to get the New Year started and allows an individual to be actually motivated to work towards it. I say... Not true. It depends on your goals and how can one measure the success of the resolution, if it is not measurable, not to mention, maintaining the level of motivation one had since the start of the year. Tip to setting a measurable resolution is to include a timeline of your progression and of course a dateline to it. Compare and contrast , “Lose weight in 2012” or “Lose 10 Kilograms by 31 June 2012” , “Pass all my law exams in 2012” or “Pass all my law exams with a minimum of credit rating in  2012”. I cannot stress enough, how important a timeline is to setting a goal.


Workable means that you can work towards it rather than depending on some other reasons to do it. For example you promised that you will tidy up your room every weekend only if your sister-in-law moves in to stay under the same roof. This is a negative example because the resolution that one sets is mainly due to someone, it is influenced by someone’s action or decision that actually prompt the individual to set the particular resolution. A New Year resolution should be a commitment to yourself because you want to improve and make things better into the future.

To sum it all up, use the A.M.W to help set your New Year resolutions, there are also a few pointers to share. One must have the right attitude and positive mindset at all times towards the goal. Do not allow failure or a minor setback to stop you from achieving your goal. It is always easier to quit isn’t it? I beg to differ because winners never quit. Sometimes we will learn a lot more from the process and the journey. Negative limitations/self talk like “I cannot do this”, “this is impossible”, “why am I doing this” should be eliminated and kept to minimal. Always remember CAN comes before CANNOT so we can do it! Keep quarterly updates towards your resolutions, print out a set of rules, priorities and timeline of the goal in front of your work desk or mirror to remind yourself every morning.

Hope this helps someone out there with that I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new bumping year!

New Year Resolution TemplateCredit: Chandoo.org