One of the top New Year Resolutions made by people around the world is to find a better job or make more money. With so many people unhappy in their jobs, along with lack of job security these days, it's no wonder finding a new job is one of the top New Year resolutions!

So, how do you go about getting, if not your dream job, then at least a step up?

Just like any other goal, you first need to get specific.

What do you want from a new job? Security? A pay raise? More interaction with people? How will you feel when you have that perfect job?

If more money was flowing in, what would you do with it? Would working with more people elevate your daily enthusiasm?

What does your new job look like? Make a list of anything and everything that comes to mind. It could be to help others or have a more flexible schedule. It could be working fewer hours for more pay (be specific!) or double the vacation time. Even if it sounds a little crazy and "out there", write it down! You're never going to get what you want unless you ask.

Now that you're clear on what you want, imagine yourself in that job, having more responsibility, being more creative, or spending that extra cash. Tweak your vision a little as it becomes clear in your mind.

Now the key is to take your attention from any lack of money or any dislike of your current job and turn it toward success, abundance, and gratitude. Instead of complaining about your current job, be grateful it's paying your bills right now. Stop focusing on what you can't afford and start giving thanks for what you can. Don't get angry at a difficult co-worker; smile and be thankful you don't have to live with them!

Get more creative with your thinking. Is there another solution besides getting another job, something that's a little outside the box? Maybe your "new job" is self employment or a different position in the same company. Maybe the "more money" is extra income from a hobby or passion you already have. Maybe you're looking at ways to make money online?.You might already be in your perfect job and are so busy looking at the negatives, you've forgotten about the positives. Open yourself to creative possibilities.

Once an opportunity comes your way, take action! When a job interview comes up, go, even if it doesn't exactly match.

You never know who you will meet or what insights you might gain. If a friend wants to talk to you about a business venture, check it out. If a hobby of yours could make some extra cash, get moving. When you start to move, your energy shifts, and the Universe responds. Pretty soon you'll be laughing about the amazing opportunities that present themselves.

Bottom line: Get specific about what you want, imagine in detail how it feels to be in a job where you've got everything you want, turn your focus to all the positives in your current situation, and take action on everything that comes your way.