A new year….

A fresh start, wash away all the problems of this year and start over again and get it right this time for this year. Quit smoking, exercise more

But why do New Year's resolutions seem to disappear only a few months in (experts say that most will be forgotten about by March), but with a few guidelines you can make sure that they are not only remembered, BUT DONE!!

The Beginning

The first step is to WRITE YOUR RESOLUTIONS DOWN. This is so simple and yet people don't do it, no wonder that in this fast paced world people forget about their resolutions. This is very similar to the basics of goal setting, because, well, isn't your New Year's resolution just a goal for the New Year?

So you have written down your resolutions, now what? Put them somewhere you will see every day. Maybe on the fridge, maybe at your desk, maybe on your mirror, it doesn't matter where as long as you see them EVER day. This makes sure that you are constantly reminded of what you are aiming for and will keep them front of mind.

There are a few important things to remember when setting your resolutions:

  • Make your resolutions detailed.
  • Give yourself permission to fail. This will make you set goals bigger than you think you can achieve, and then when you achieve them you will feel super-human and if you set your goals big and fail, then it may just drive you harder to get there.

Support Crew

Now go and tell all of your friends about what you want to change in the New Year. This works for you in two ways:

  • It makes you accountable to someone. People will ask you how you are doing and will keep you on track. There is nothing better than having to answer to someone other than yourself about why you haven't done something to keep you on track
  • You may actually find some likeminded friends who you will be able to form a group with to achieve the resolution. This works especially well with fitness, it has been proven that people are more likely to lose weight when they are in a group of friends trying to lose weight together.

Break Your Resolutions

OK so the subtitle may be a bit deceiving…. But it means break your resolutions into smaller goals that you can achieve along the way. It feels great to meet a goal or challenge you have set for yourself and this will keep you motivated to keep going and set more challenges to meet that will ultimately lead you towards your resolution.

As an example, say I wanted to run 1km in under 5min. Now I could just stick with this as a general goal and train for it….then loose motivation because I'm not seeing many results. Or I could break it up to something like.

Run 1km in under 5min = run 1km in under 8min by the end of January, than reduce the target time by half a minute to be achieved by the end of each consecutive month.

So we can see that the goal has just become a little more detailed and a set of smaller goals has come in to work towards the main goal. Think of it like a game plan, you can send your players out on the field, but it will just be a mess with everyone running for the ball if there is no game plan.

So Where To From Here

This is maybe the hardest part to do…… GET STARTED!!

Think about the guys pulling the semi trailer along in the strong man contest, it's really hard to get it started, but then as the momentum gets going, the truck is way easier to pull along. It's the same with your New Year's Resolutions; getting started is the worst part.

Aim for the sky and remember, it only takes a few weeks for something to become habit (this is a really good one for the people who are setting fitness or quit smoking New Year's Resolutions).

Good Luck!!!!