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Are you hosting a New Year's Eve party this year? Have you thought of any fun party themes and games to entertain your guest? Many anticipate these kinds of events, so you want to get this right. If you have invited many people that do not know each other, then the activities that you chose will dictate the outcome of your party. Not only that, but by picking the right fun party themes and games you will be helping your invitees to become acquainted with one another. Often times if done right, games can be great icebreakers for people that do not know one another. Besides, you have to keep everyone entertained until that countdown, and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Picking out fun party themes and games is not difficult if the interests of your partygoers are similar. Will your guest be a mix of children and adults? Is this a party for your college friends? Are your invited guest colleagues from work? It may be that you are gathering with the local crew from the neighborhood. Will there be more alcohol than what is necessary for the toast, or is this more of a family gathering. All these things will dictate the themes you choose, and the games that you will play. With that being said, here are some fun party themes and games for your friends to play.

When you think of your themes try to group the ideas with the guest attire. For example, let us say that you had a music theme. You could have a fun party theme involving the 60's. Have everyone come dressed as if they would in the sixty's. Give them suggestions such as go-go boots and mini-skirts for the women and bell-bottom pants and headbands for the guys. Have peace sign cut outs on the walls and set lava lamps around. Use colored bulbs wherever you can to set a psychedelic mood. Drape flower garlands around the room and have some single flowers for the women to put in their hair. You can use plastic ones for this accessory. Lay out some cheap big plastic sunglasses for the guys. A fun game to play is who can dance the best. Have some clips downloaded from You Tube so your guest can see how to do certain dances from the 60's like "The Twist" or "The Watusi." Have a contest and whoever dances the dance the best wins a prize or money. For a fun game idea, give everyone a piece of paper and a pen and play a snippet of hit music from that decade. Do this for 10 different songs. Have them guess the name of the song, or the name of the singer. Whoever gets the most wins a prize. You can change this theme up for the 80's. The best head banger could win the head-banging contest while listening to a hard rocking heavy metal song. This can work for country, pop, and hip-hop too. Give the best dress person the winning prize of the night. Fun party theme and game ideas like these provide memories that last a lifetime.

Another fun party theme involves using time. You can buy clock cutouts on line and in party stores. Party city has them for less than a dollar. Matter of fact, they have a Times Square Scene Setters vinyl wall stick-ons that are only $5.99. These are cool and cover up to 5 foot by 7 foot of wall space. Buy some silver star shaped Mylar balloons and get some regular black and gold balloons to display around the room. Use a large round table as the buffet for your appetizers. Go around the edges of a white sheet or tablecloth and place numbers 1 through 12 to give the tabletop the appearance of a clock. Fun party games can include looking up a major event that occurred for each month of the past year. Give everyone a piece of paper and pen. Call out the first event pulled from a bowl of folded up event questions. For number one, they write down which month the event occurred. You write number one on that question so you can keep up with the order of that each event was pulled out of the bowl. When you get through all 12 events, everyone checks their answer. Whoever gets the most correct answer wins a prize. If there is a tie at the end of the game use this same concept for the past decade.

Here is a cheat sheet for the past years events.

January- earthquake in Haiti (Jan. 12)

February- Chili hit by a magnitude earthquake (Feb. 27)

March - Robert Culp(actor died March 24)

April - Deepwater Horizon Oil spill (April 20)

May - Flooding disaster in the South kill 19 in TN ( May 3)

June - China ends it's currency ties with the US ( June 24)

July - Serena Williams wins the Wimbledon Title ( July 3)

August - Chilean miners trapped (Aug 5)

September - Southwest Airlines buys Air Tran (Sept 27)

October - Chilean Miners Rescued (Oct 12-13)

November - Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their engagement (Nov 16)

December - New Year's Eve Party ( duh Dec 31)

These are not suppose to be easy. You get the idea. An easier game would be to call out the signs of the Zodiac and ask each person what month they fall under? Do you know.

Another fun game that you can play using an apple or orange will have your guest laughing. Divide people into an even number of teams, say 6 to 8 people. Have them in a line side by side. The person to the left of each person grabs the wrist of the person to the rights wrist. Using their left hand, they will grab the persons right wrist all the way up the line. The goal is to pass the fruit from the beginning of the line to the end and back to the beginning again. The first team to accomplish this wins. They get an extra shot of liquor or some gift. This fun party game can provide loads of fun for your guest.

Just remember when creating your fun party themes and games make them appropriate for the type of guest invited. Also, be a good host. Don't do anything to embarrass yourself. If you invited people from work, then don't be wearing the clock cut out on your head at midnight, in other words, lay light on the drinking games. If you are serving mix drinks make sure your guest have designated drivers. No one wants to start of the New Year in jail, and you are responsible for your guest if you are serving the drinks. Be smart, safe and have a Happy New Year!