What Do You Need for a 2018 New Year's Eve Party?

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As a child, I remember being permitted to stay up late and watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve with my babysitter, as my parents always went out to celebrate. Guy Lombardo was on the television and I am sure my babysitter couldn't wait for my brother and me to go to bed so she could watch what she wanted!

When my brother and I woke up in the morning, my parents left all kinds of party goodies for us. Tiaras, horns, leis and funny glasses were often the booty they brought home.

As a teenager, my tastes changed to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC and I would stay up to watch all of my favorite artists perform  (many lip synched very badly, but who cared!)

In my twenties as a young married bride, New Year's Eve was celebrated with different people and different places. Eventually, we started what was to be the root of our yearly family celebration. 

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My parents would come to visit for the holiday, and we would go out for Chinese food. Then we came back home for a movie we rented from West Coast Video, and then we would watch the the on air television festivities. To accompany them, we had New Years Eve party supplies like the ones I had been given as a child. Along with our own special hat, tiara or party horn, we also had a flute of champagne-something I certainly did not have as a child!

With rare exception, this holiday has only been about being together with my family. We felt the loss of my father back in 1995, but also had reason to celebrate because I also became a mother that year.

As time went on, my three children learned to love our New Year's Eve traditions. They have been tweaked over the years. For example, instead of eating out, we order in Chinese food and order a movie On Demand instead of going to the video store. There is no need to leave the house anymore into the cold, dark winter night.

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My children love to help us pick out the party supplies. It is another family tradition that has been added to our celebration.

We prefer to buy party kits because everything is included. My husband and son have those funny hats and my daughters and I love to wear our tiaras like a queen and princesses. I will be the first to tell you that the horns are not my favorite thing, because my twins are always tooting them long before it is midnight! 

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Party kits for your gathering come in many different amounts to fit the number of  guests you are hosting.

The extra supplies come in handy for us, as my older daughter does not spend the entire night with us. We send her off with the extras to whatever party she is going to, and her friends and she look so adorable in the photos we take of them before they leave our home.

Another benefit to having a party kit is that since there is no year on it, so you can reuse any of the supplies that make it through the night. Extras can go into the dress up box for younger kids (although you may want to throw away the noisemakers!)

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Dress like a princess with this LED light up tiara!

Enjoy celebrating 2017 with some fun, good food, and some awesome party goods!