How many people look forward to New Years Eve and its many celebrations? We all look forward to the New Year with dreams of making a difference, doing things differently. Make promises that we could not keep in our wildest dreams. So why try to kid ourselves? Is it an ego trip, or the alcohol or drugs talking?

For whatever reason, why kid ourselves into thinking we can stop smoking cold turkey? Some people have very strong willpower. My husband is one of those people. We were on a working holiday in our younger days, which was many years ago. Jobs were not easy to get and often we took casual work. As we were short of money, and he was a heavy smoker, he decided to stop smoking. Just like that, I could not believe that he would do it. He did without complaining at all.

When our daughter was born two years later a gentleman offered my husband a cigarette as he paced up and down in the hospital. That started him smoking all over again. He quit again twelve months later, and has not smoked since.

Because he did it so easy, I could not understand why others did not have that same willpower.

Lower the goals

This New Years Eve, do not put your expectations too high. Instead of saying you will quit smoking. Why not lessen the pressure by saying I will cut down on my smoking. Start by having one cigarette a day less. Do that for a week or if you prefer two weeks, so as to get used to it. Then after two weeks reduce it again by another cigarette less. This way you and your body will gradually get used to less nicotine. It will not be such a struggle either. Continue in this way until you can pat yourself on the back and say " I kept my New Years Resolution this year".

To make it more worthwhile, why not put the money you save each week in a tin and shout yourself something special for your achievements. Lets face it, cigarettes are a big waste of hard earned money.

Other goals to set

You can set goals for doing anything with that New Years Eve resolution. Use the same principle to achieve your goal as with the smoking. Walking and exercise

· Eating healthier

· Drinking less Coffees

· No more takeaways

· Earn more money writing articles for info barrel

Whatever resolutions you make this New Years Eve, do not put too much stress on the coming year. Take care and do not drive when drinking and look forward to a new start and have fun seeing the old year out and welcoming the new year in.