With New Years just around the corner, and everyone getting into the festive spirit, you probably have not put much thought into your new years resolutions right? But even though you are busy with Christmas, socializing, the office party and figuring out what to get Aunt Bertha for a Christmas gift, you should really be thinking about New Years Resolution ideas now, otherwise they will be something you make after a few glasses of bubbly and will be broken or forgotten come January 1st.

But the best way to keep your resolutions, is to come up with a list now. Whether you have just 1 or 50, you should write them down, and pick something that is attainable. If necessary, break them down into manageable steps so that you are likely to keep them and feel good in the New Year and all through the months as you attain your goals. Make this list while you are in a good mood, relaxed and sober!

Here is a list of New Years Resolution Ideas that may work for you.

Cook More at Home - If you are wanting to get healthier, and since health and fitness tend to be at the top of the list each year, then you should actually start now, and sign up for a cooking class that starts in January. Check online for local classes and sign up and pay for it now, so that come the New Year there will be no excuses, and you can start creating healthy and tasty meals at home, and enjoy at night out learning something new.

Get Organized - Right now, you should write down which part of your life it is that you need to organize. If it is basically everything from the house, to your car, then break it down into segments. Then get out a calendar, and write each segment for each week.

For Example: The first week, could be get Christmas ornaments organized and put away, then the 2nd week could be, organize front closet etc. By doing it this way, you are more likely to achieve your goal, and by breaking it into small segments it is attainable, and by writing it down now and planning for it, you can check it off when it is done! Stick this calendar on your fridge, so you see it everyday. Even make a list of storage tubs or things you may need so you can include shopping for storage supplies in your calendar.

Nothing feels better than crossing off or checking off a completed project. So, if you break your projects down into small segments, you will have more to cross off your list, which will inspire you to do more and you will feel good!

Set up Weekly or Monthly Friends Date - If life has got you busy, and you only see your friends via a quick email, then you need to actually set up a date, where you can meet at a coffee shop, or lunch. This way, you don't have to clean the house and organize it, you just have to show up.

I started doing this with my friends, and it works out great. We come up with a dinner date, and we have a good time, and then before we leave, we set up the next one while everyone is together. They all get out their blackberries and calendars and make it a date. This way we always manage to get together no matter what life throws at us. You can do this with relatives too, just set the dates and write them down, and meet somewhere other than your place, so there is no pressure to whip home from work and clean and feed people.

Get out of Debt - This is a tall order, and this New Years Resolution idea tends to fail as soon as we get the holiday bills, and get back into our old habits.

So, this year instead of saying "get out of debt", break it down into segments, such as "by the End of March I will have this credit card paid off" Write it down, pick a small credit card that is manageable to try and pay off. Figure out right now before the holidays, just how much you could allow to go on this credit card, and figure out something small you could give up to achieve this goal starting in January. Simple tweaks to a budget are easier to keep.

Then if you just happen to get it paid off soon, you will feel elated. It is amazing just how good you will feel when you achieve something you wrote down, and you completed it. That is why they should not be huge goals, as you will not be able to cross that off until all debt is paid off and you will lose the willpower to do it. So, aim for something smaller. Go through your debts and start small.

Once you have paid off that smaller card, then take that same money and put it towards another debt. This will snowball your debt, and you will be able to get out of debt. But starting small makes it happen!

Get fit - That is another tall order, start small. Look in your local paper, or online and find a yoga class or spin class or something for your age group (don't be trying to do high intensity aerobic classes if you have not exercised in years!). Sign up now, or ask for a class for a Christmas gift.

Don't just join a gym like everyone else does the first week of January, because unless they offer classes or guidance, you will go for a week or two, then not bother after a while, but be stuck with a years membership. It takes will power to continue to go to a gym unsupervised!

If you are just starting out then you should consider a class, where you know the day and time you have to be there, plus if you sign up and pay for it now, then you know after the holidays you have to go! This will be one more thing you can cross off your list, so instead of saying "get fit", say "join one class to help me get fit" Then you have completed your New Years Resolution idea and are likely to continue with your fitness goals.

Change Your Appearance - Find a friend or group of friends, that you would trust with your life, and ask them their honest opinion on what you should change for a new look in the New Year. If they are good friends then they should be honest with you. Whether it is to cover up some gray or try some new makeup.

Making a change in your appearance, can uplift your spirits. It doesn't mean you have to go and have a complete makeover, just a few simple changes can help. Get your friends to help you, or treat yourself to a spa day and get a professional opinion.

Now that you have got your New Years Resolution Ideas written down, enjoy the holidays, and feel good starting your new goals next year. You can do it!