New Years Resolutions – Achieving Goals

New Years Resolutions - Achieving Goals

The thought of the upcoming New Year is the time of year that many people vow to make great changes in their life by creating New Years Resolutions such as getting a new and better job, eliminating bad habits, getting a healthier lifestyle, improving relationships or ending them and of course, trying to save or budget finances better.

Sadly, while all of these are very good intentions the majority of people that make New Years Resolutions have little success at keeping them and part of that is the inability of many to understand what is necessary with achieving goals.

This year, vow to not only make great New Years Resolutions but more importantly vow to achieve goals with these five important and key steps:

Making New Years Resolutions and Achieving Goals

1. Think about New Years Resolutions:

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One of the most important keys to remember when making New Years Resolutions is to think about them well in advance of New Year's Eve. Often times, there is too little thought and planning involved in goal setting or New Years Resolutions so that when New Year's Eve comes around and that clock is ticking closer to the New Year, a resolution is made almost off the top of your head.

Many things become a habit after repeating them for at least 21 days and 30 days is even more effective at creating a new habit. If you start to think about your New Years Resolutions at least a month before you want to begin great changes in life, you'll have much better success at achieving any goals you set for yourself.

2. Plan for achieving goals:

By making a plan of how you will keep your New Years Resolutions with specific details on what to start with, how to deter obstacles, how to follow through each day, what problems may arise and how to overcome these problems will make it much more likely that you will achieve your New Years Resolutions for much longer than one week into the New Year.

Write down the goal and the plan of attack at achieving it and no matter how large or small the New Years Resolutions are, they can be and will be achieved. Buy a beautiful journal to write down your resolutions, goals and the steps to carry it through to the end. You're also much more likely to really want to keep these New Years Resolutions if you take the time to write them down and see them on paper. Read your goals daily to enforce your desire for achieving success!

Use a Journal to Achieve Goals

3. Make achievable goals:

To be successful with New Years Resolutions, make sure that they are achievable within your means. To be a better money manager for example, start by saving coins and reducing expenses, finding new ways to earn money such as writing online. Save all the extra money you created and determine how much you could save over a year. Use that figure as your goal for the whole year and stick to this as an achievable goal. Resolve to make important small steps that will one day take you to greater paths to a life of success – many people miss the small steps needed along the way to greatness.

4. Share your New Years Resolutions with others:

Many people find it helpful to share their resolutions with others which can help to keep you accountable for keeping your word as well as gaining support from those you love and care about. Friends and family can be asked to help you with your goals and you may find that they join you in making New Years Resolutions that you can help them with. Sharing your New Years Resolutions will make you more likely to keep going with it when times get tough and you want to quit.

5. Visualize your successful New Years Resolutions

Create a mental image in your head of having achieved your resolutions already. Close your eyes and see it. What will it look like when you are successful? How will it feel? What will you look like? What will you do when you have a successful New Years Resolution?

Take five minutes every morning to close your eyes and visualize this image that you have created and focus on it. This process will assist you in going about your day to do the things needed to achieving goals and keeping your New Years Resolutions.

New Years Resolutions and Achieving Goals will be possible when you think about it in advance, write it down, map out your plan, visualize it and work on the little steps along the way that are needed to produce that result you want. Don't give up. It's easier to give up but not at all as fulfilling as making, keeping and achieving New Years Resolutions. New Years Resolutions and Achieving Goals can be done any day of the year and not just on New Years Eve. You can do it, may this be your year of success.

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