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Queens New York is home to J.F.K and LaGuardia airports. As airplanes land tourist move through the airports and make their way to Manhattan. Chances are these tourist will not return to Queens until they are ready to fly home. Manhattan is amazing, however tourist should not neglect Queens. The area has more to offer than just airports.

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Welcome to Flushing Meadows, this is the fourth largest park in the N.Y.C area. This beauty was created for the 1939 World's Fair. Years later, the 1964 World's Fair was also held here. Today some structures like the Unisphere and the Pavilion remain as memory to these historic events. The area has wonderful photo opportunities and is a great relaxation spot for anyone.

With 897 acres to explore, the park also includes other attractions such as: The Hall of Science, The Billie Jean National Tennis Center, Citi Field, The Queens Museum, and The Queens Wildlife Center. We will touch on these locations  later in the article.

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Off To The Races

If you are in a betting mood or just enjoy watching horse racing, then head to Aqueduct racetrack. This is one of the few places in the local New York City Area to satisfy this carve. Races are held from November to April.Resort world CasinoCredit: GoogleCasino BusCredit: googleIn addition to exciting horse racing, Aqueduct has N.Y.C's only local Casino. Resort World Casino is opened daily from 8 a.m to 4 a.m, it houses nearly 3,000 slot games, 5,000 table games, live entertainment and glamorous restaurants. Resort World is easily accessible from Manhattan by shuttle bus or subway and it is sure to bring excitement to all adults. 

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While not always on the list of things to do when on vacation, Museums can be entertaining if you visit the right ones. Bring the family and spend a day at the New York Hall of Science. The museum is New York City's only hands on science center with nearly 400 exhibits in biology, physics, and chemistry. As  mentioned before. all of these exhibits are hands on, so you and the kids can learn by touching.Museum of The Moving ImagesCredit: GoogleCamerasCredit: GoogleMuseum of The Moving Images 2Credit: GoogleTelevision shows and movies are a staple for entertainment today. If you have ever wondered how this giant industry started, then you should visit the Museum Of The Moving Images. Here you will see the very first movie camera and witness its evolution throughout the years. In addition, the museum holds many other artifacts associated with the film and media world. Visitors can even watch movies in a really nice theater.

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Near the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows, you will find the Queens Museum. Here you will find intriguing contemporary art exhibits from all around the world. One of the most iconic exhibits at this museum is the NYC panoramic display, this is a detailed mini scale model of the entire New York City metro area. 

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Did you ever think a farm would exist in a metro area? Well as you may have learned by now, N.Y.C offers it all, including farms. Welcome to The Queens County Farm Museum, the largest area of undisturbed farmlands in New York City. Here you will find restored farm buildings, livestock, a corn maze, pumpkin patches and other rural scenery. The area is opened daily to the public from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

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Catch a Game

Hear the crack of the bat, enjoy some peanuts or hot dogs while you cheer on the New York Mets. Okay you don't have to like the home team to enjoy a game at Citi Field, it provides a great experience for who ever you cheer for.Tennis CenterCredit: GoogleTennis CenterCredit: GoogleIf tennis is more of your game, then just take a stroll away from Citi field and you will arrive at The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Every August to September, The U.S Open tennis tournament is held here and the area is packed with even more excitement. Want to practice your backhand against a friend or family member? Then you should know that the center is opened for public play eleven months of the year with twenty courts. During the US open access to these courts are restricted.

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If you are an animal lover, the NYC metro area has five different zoos. The Queens Wildlife Center offers seventy-five different spices, a petting zoo and even a carousel for your enjoyment. The Center also includes a beautiful aviary that will make you feel like you are in a forest. For those of you that are not aware, an aviary is a large enclosure where birds can fly freely. Visitors are also treated to activities such as : Sea Lion feedings, children's play areas, and a discovery center.

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After you take the kids to the zoo, bring them to ride the Corona Cobra Coaster at Fantasy Forest. This mini amusement park, in Flushing Meadows, is designed for children and is filled with adventures and thrills.

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If you are a surfer and looking to catch some waves, then Rockaway Beach is the place to be. What is so special at this beach you ask? Not only is it the largest urban beach in the United States, but it is also NYC's only official beach for surfers. On Occasions, the waters  become a little crowded with other wave catchers. However, once you find a clear spot and ride some waves you will forget about the crowd and enjoy yourself. The beach offers surf lessons for beginners or for those that want to improve their skills.

Of Course Rockaway Beach is also great for working on your tan, spending time with the family, or swimming. The beach is divided into specific areas for surfing and regular beach activities, that way surfers and swimmers will not have to battle for space in the water.

All the attractions discussed here are accessible by express buses and the subway. So, the next time you are in the New York City Metro area be sure to visit Queens.