New York boasts some of the most fun and nice hostels I've seen on the east coast. Times Square is without a doubt the place to be when it comes to New York City, and you're in luck if you want an affordable hostel to stay in. There are a few options that should be well within any budget traveler's price range, but there is one thing to watch out for. What is that you ask? Well because it's so popular you're going to want to book well in advanced because these places fill up!

Staying in Times Square is a great spot especially if you're looking for a young crowd, and a very happening night life. Now when it comes to hotels in Times Square, you can expect to pay no less than $300+ per night if not more. Luckily there are a handful of very affordable hostels that have common and private rooms, some that even rival most hotels in the area. I love the atmosphere the hostels bring and you have a much better chance of meeting cool people to experience the city with.

Times Square West Hostel:

Time Square West

Times Square West Hostel is a centrally located Hostel which is close to all the fun including subway and transit. The area is also close to some very famous restaurants and bars, as well the neighborhood is clean and safe. This hostel is more expensive than others but it makes up for it in its living and sleeping quarters. You do have the option of private rooms which are easily hotel quality and will make you feel right at home. This hostel has free WiFi, free long distance calling in the US and a 24 on site hostel manager. You can expect to pay around $65 USD per night for the shared rooms.

311 Times Square Hostel:

311 Times Square

The 311 Times Square Hostel is great because it's located only a 5 minutes walk from Times Square and Central Park. It is also great because it is one of the few hostels that has air conditioning. I know this because when I stayed during a heat wave I tipped extra for the lovely cold air they provided during my stay. This hostel of course has free WiFi, great food and all the usual amenities you'd expect to find. Prices here are around the $60 USD per night mark and I recommend booking way in advance.

Times Square Corporate Resort:

Times Square Corporate Resort

If business and pleasure are amidst your stay in New York City then no place is better than the Times Square Corporate Resort. This hostel is in the heart of Manhattan and only a block away from the Times Square. A few notes about this place, and those are that you can only book online and must stay at minimum 3 nights. Prices here for shared rooms are about $45 USD per night, and private rooms go for $120 USD which is still way below hotels of lesser quality.

Times Square Dream Hostel:

Times Square Dream Hostel

This well known hostel one block away from Times Square is great for anyone on a budget, and is in a secure and very clean building. One of the best known facts about the Times Square Dream Hostel is how clean it always is. As I mentioned this is a great place on a budget, expect to pay around $35-40 USD per night here and make sure to book in advance.

320 Times Square Hostel:

320 Times Square Hostel

Here is another great option of budget hostel accommodations within the Times Square district. The 320 Times Square Hostel is also, like many others, located only a block from Times Square and all the fun stuff. This hostel has you covered when it comes to towel's, soap/shampoo and fresh bedding. The 320 does have a 3 night minimum stay requirement and expect to pay around $35 USD per night.

Times Square Hostel:

Times Square Hostel

The Times Square Hostel is another great budget traveler option within the Times Square District. They claim that they are the most affordable stay in Times Square, so who's to knock it?! So how cheap is affordable? They're talking $25 USD a night for a place that is close to just about everything you want to experience in New York. Like almost all the other hostels, a 3 nights minimum stay is required. The Times Square Hostel also offers a long term stay option of 1 to 6 months which is pretty cool.

461 Times Square Hostel:

461 Times Square Hostel

Looking for cozy and affordable budget hostel that competes with the rest of prices you'll find in the area. The 461 Timse Square Hostel is located only a few steps from the busy and beautiful center. The atmosphere is casual and laid back and the amenities are plentiful from the free Wifi to the free towels, spring water, linens and so much more! Prices at the 461 range from $25-30 USD per night for shared rooms, and about $85 USD for a private room.

I hope everyone has safe and fun travels when visiting the big apple. If you're having a hard time finding New York Hostels you may have to look outside of the hot spots. There are dozens of great hostels in the city so I wish you the best of luck on your hunt.