A port located right on the eastern seaboard, NYC is one of the largest and most heavily populated cities in the United States. For a time, it was even the capital of the U.S. and George Washington, the first president, was sworn in there. It is a vital American center for trade, commerce, cuisine, arts and entertainment. It is composed of five counties which are also known as "boroughs".

Most New York City tourist attractions are located in the most commonly known borough: Manhattan (NY county). The Bronx (Bronx county) is located to the north. Brooklyn (Kings county) has the largest population. Queens (Queens county) is largest in geographic area and is home to nearly as many residents as Brooklyn. Staten Island (Richmond county) is the least populated and it is located towards the southwest of the other boroughs, near the state of New Jersey.

If you are thinking of visiting, you'll find that there are many New York City tourist attractions to choose from. Here is a list to get you started.

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The Statue of Liberty is one of the most widely recognized New York City tourist attractions. It was a gift given by the French government to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence.

The statue stands on what is called Liberty Island. It is a symbol of freedom from oppression. She is depicted carrying a torch and crushing a set of shackles (representing tyranny) beneath her feet.

A poem called "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus is posted inside. The word Colossus in the title refers to the ancient wonder of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. The poem welcomes newcomers to a land of freedom.

Ellis Island is one of the most famous New York City tourist attractions. It is located in NY harbor. The purpose of Ellis Island was to process new immigrants from the late 1800's into the mid 1900's.

Today, the immigration museum located there helps it rank among the most visited New York City tourist attractions. New generations flock to the site to walk in the path of their ancestors and to try to experience what it may have been like for them.

Other New York City tourist attractions pale in comparison to the significant size of the Empire State Building. Located at Fifth Avenue and West 34th St. in Manhattan, The ESB stands a whopping 102 stories tall. At that height, it is one of the largest buildings in the world.

On occasion, the upper reaches of Empire State Building bear brightly colored electrical lights. The color of the lights may vary based on the occasion. For example, at Christmas time they might be green and red, for patriotic holidays they might be red, white and blue, for St. Patrick's day, green and orange and so on.

Among New York City tourist attractions, Times Square really stands out as a stunning location. This spot is sometimes called "The Crossroads of the World" by visitors - for good reason. There, at the connection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, you'll find the hustle and bustle of NYC. People, vendors, great restaurants and shops, flashy billboards, Times Square has it all!

Within eye distance you'll see the Theater District, another great example of New York City tourist attractions. There you can take in any number of world famous plays and Broadway shows. NYC's Broadway is renown for it's theater offerings.

Few New York City tourist attractions are as refreshing and rejuvenating as Central Park. Opening in 1859, Central Park was made a National Historic Landmark in 1963. It is home to many walking paths, skating rinks, a zoo, a wildlife refuge, beautiful landscapes and bridges and more.

Central Park

New York City tourist attractions abound for the would-be visitor. Other places that one might consider visiting include sports venues such as Madison Square Garden, home to the Rangers (ice hockey) and Knicks (basketball), Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees (baseball) play and Citi Field where the Mets (baseball) play. That's not to mention the nearby New Meadowlands (just outside NYC), where the football teams the Giants and the Jets play.


There are many New York City tourist attractions for nature and animal lovers, as well. There are zoos in the Bronx region of NYC as well as in Central Park, and Prospect Park in the Brooklyn borough is a great place to go to soak in some green.

Looking for New York City tourist attractions with some history behind them? Well, there's plenty to talk about there. For starters, one might check out the American Museum of Natural History on the upper west side of Manhattan. There you can check out exhibits on biology, gems and minerals, meteorites and fossils. There's also a planetarium if you are interested in outer space.

Another cool place is the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, also on the west side. There you can see ships such as the Intrepid (a World War 2 aircraft carrier), submarines and supersonic aircraft.

There's not many New York City tourist attractions that can claim to have hosted as many foreigners as Flushing-Meadows Corona Park, located in the Queens borough of NYC. It was the location for two different World Fairs (1939 and 1964). While there, you'll want to see the Unisphere, a large representation of the globe.

One of the most surprising New York City tourist attractions isn't so much a place as it is a thing. What is it? Why, food, of course! As a home to generations of immigrants such as the Italian, the Jewish and more, NYC has tons of cuisine options. The New York-style pizza, bagels and cheesecake are popular choices!

Some New York City tourist attractions are architectural gems. Besides the aforementioned Empire State Building, there are several wonderful places to check out. The George Washington Bridge is a suspension bridge across the Hudson river. It handles a tremendous amount of vehicular activity each day.

Perhaps even more well known is the Brooklyn Bridge, it goes over the East River and is one of the oldest suspension bridges in existence.

Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street is a capital of commerce and finance that hosts the New York Stock Exchange. It is located in lower Manhattan.