New York City is notorious for being expensive. Taxes are high, and convenience costs. Many places are open 24 hours a day, or have severely extended hours, and it's the consumer that ultimately ends up paying the costs for a city to operate on such a schedule. It is possible, however, to visit (or even live) on a budget in the city. The following is a list of some places to fill up for pretty cheap.

Cheeps, formerly known as Cindarella Snacklicious is located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and St. Marks Place. They have a wide variety of Middle Eastern food, and are on this list because of their 2.00 falafel pita. Although this same thing was only 1 dollar back when Cindarella was there, a 2 dollar meal is still hard to find in NYC. For 2 dollars, you get a medium sized falafel pita sandwich garnished however you like. While I've never actually tried anything else on the menu, if its anything like their falafel its bound to be worth trying.

3rd & Long is a simple sports bar located at 35th St. and 3rd Avenue. There's really nothing impressive about this place besides their prices. On certain days of the week (it changes every now and then) they have 2$ drafts of non-premium beers during extended Happy Hour hours.

Vanessa's Dumpling House is located on Eldridge St. between Grand St. and Broome St. If you like dumplings, this is the place to go. Dumplings at Vanessa's will run you 1$ for 4. When I go, I usually spend around 5 dollars for two people and not once have I not had leftovers. This is one of my favorite places for cheap eating in the city. Equally as perfect are their sesame sandwiches -- Roast duck being my favorite, and filling me at under 2.50$ !

Benny's Burritos is in the West Village, located on Greenwich Ave between W12th Street and Jane Street. Their appetizers and meals are moderately priced (4$-10$), but it's their frozen margaritas that put them on this list. The margaritas range from 3$-9$, and are huge. Their 9$ frozen margarita is enormous, something you'd expect to see in a movie mocking the over-indulgent nature of the average American. Unlimited free chips and salsa keeps coming, no questions asked. Also worth giving a try are some of their weekend brunch options.

It's no surprise that New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, but no matter where you are, it's always possible to find something cheap to eat without compromising your diet or desires by going to a fast food restaurant. These are just a few places that worth checking out while in NYC on a budget.