New York dance clubs are supposedly the places which clubbers from all over the world really want to get into. They have the reputation, and rightly so, for being the most happening places in the world.

New York – also known as the city that never sleeps more than lives up to that reputation with its repertoire of night and dance clubs.

It is also a fact that the New York dance club scene is never static. It changes every year, if not every month. There are hundreds of opinions on which the best New York Dance clubs are. That is because it all New York Dance Clubsdepends not on the particular club, but on the act it has featured. These acts keep moving to different clubs depending on their producers.

Whichever New York club you have decided to go, always make sure that you call then in advance. This is because schedules are always changing. You might have heard of this particular DJ playing there, but as you arrive there you are told that he is playing somewhere else. It is true that most of the New York dance clubs are practically empty till 11PM. Hence it might be a good idea to go earlier. This has two advantages. One - The bouncer at the gate is certainly less impatient and in a better mood before the crowds arrives. The chances that you are able to get into a trendy New York Nightclub are much better. Two - You will be able to find yourself a nice spot, where you can park yourself down till late night. It is also a good idea to dress well if you want to go to a fashionable New York Dance Club. Looking fashionable and hip will create a better impression on the doorman. And speaking of the infamous doormen of the New York Night clubs, the ones whom you have to impress to get into the place. They have seen it all. Dropping names will get you absolutely nowhere. It just does not work. Everybody tries it and the bouncers at the doors of the New York Dance clubs are not dumb and more often than not it is a sure guarantee that you do get to enter.

Listed below are some of the New York Dance clubs which tend to more popular with the average clubber. It will be a good idea to go online and check a bigger listing.


A Chelsea church converted into a dance club. Has a Gothic ceiling with superb state of the art sound effects. Combined with a superb lighting system, Avalon is a must see, not only for its spectacular effects but you can rub shoulders with New York's elite who throng here.

Bar 13

This is a small but classy place. Also has a lovely roof garden if you just want to chill after dancing the night away. The Sunday Britpop night is very popular.

Bungalow 8

Considered one of the best New York dance clubs. If you really have a lot of money to blow away, this is the place to go to.

Cafe Wha

A fun and cool joint. Not expensive. Go if you like rock 'n' of the 70s, 80s The Brazilian night on Monday is very popular


Opinion has it that Cielo has one of the best sound systems in the small club category of New York Dance Clubs. It has a wonderful sunken dance floor . Not too expensive either.

Club Shelter

Remember Saturday Night Fever? Well this New York Dance club plays authentic 1980's house music. Fantastic place to dance not only the night away for Club Shelter only closes the next noon!

Santos Party House

Located in Chinatown, this place is simple and unpretentious. Gets a diverse mix of crowd. Not too expensive either

This list is just a small sample of the different New York dance clubs. This city has probably the largest collection of night and dance clubs compared to anywhere else on earth. It would be a great idea if you check online listings before going out to dance the night away in New York.