New York Medicaid is a free or low cost health insurance program offered by the state. It is intended for those who cannot afford to purchase health insurance through other channels. One of the requirements for the New York Medicaid application process is to furnish certain documents that serve to prove your identity, financial situation and family size. The amount and type of required documentation varies from person to person, but there are a few commonalities. This article explains the most commonly requested types of paperwork.


Age. New York Medicaid may need to know your age in order to verify your eligibility for insurance programs. Items that might satisfy this need include a driver license, birth certificate, passport or religious certification.

Identity and citizenship or legal resident status. All applicants to New York Medicaid must furnish evidence of their identity. Acceptable items may include: passport, social security card, driver license, military idenitification, green card or immigration paperwork.

Residency. Another proof that all applicants to New York Medicaid must furnish is documentation of their address or residency. Only those that live in the state are eligible for health insurance programs. To satisfy this requirement you can use a utility bill in your name, a recently issued letter by a government agency or a recent handwritten envelope that was sent to you with your name and address on it.

Income. You must provide enough paperwork to display your income from the most recent month. Weekly wage earners can use four paystubs, bi-weekly earns can use two paystubs instead. The self employed may offer tax papers from last year or they may sign a declaration that indicates their monthly income along with an explaination as to why no other evidence can be given. Those who have not earned anything within the previous month will be asked to sign a form to this effect.

Resources. Some applicants to New York Medicaid may be asked to give proof of their resources. Resources are bank accounts, extra cars, boats or homes, stocks, bonds, and other holdings. Ask your health insurance plan or a social services worker what items you need for this requirement, since it varies from person to person. The most common form of resource is bank accounts, for which you should supply your last three bank statements.

Family situation. Depending on the situation in your family, you may be asked to provide certain proofs for them as well. In some cases it will be mandatory for you to provide these items, in other cases it will be optional. When applying, many people choose to provide evidence of their family life because it helps them become eligible for the program.

Closing Remarks

Before meeting with a New York Medicaid official or a health insurance plan representative, you should be sure to ask what items are going to be required from you.

Once you have gathered all the relevant paperwork you should make a photocopy of each item. Be sure to make separate copies for each individual piece of evidence. This helps to ensure that the documents are legitimate. Additionally, retain the originals to show to the Department of Health or your health insurance plan if they request to see them.