If you are interested in pursuing a career in real estate sales, it is very important that you know the laws and regulations pertaining to this occupation in your state. Once you finish your initial classroom training and obtain your license to sell real estate, you will also be required to further your knowledge through real estate continuing education courses. If you think the only thing you have to do is take a few hours of training, you might want to look into this career to see just what is required of you. Each state has it’s own set of rules and regulations, as well as ‘set-in-stone’ laws that have to do with this occupation. You will find that you might have to spend as many as one hundred hours completing the courses you are required to take. New York state, however, has a twenty two and one half classroom hour requisite for students wishing to take a real estate course.


Of those required hours, three of them are focused on fair housing practices, and the remaining hours teach you all you need to know about becoming a successful real estate salesperson. This does not mean you automatically obtain a license, however. To do this, you must take a state issued exam, and you have to pass it before you are granted your license. You will also need to take courses geared toward your continuing education as a real estate salesperson. Keeping yourself informed of the changes in real estate law is extremely important if you are going to continue in this career, and with the regulations changing constantly, it is key that you keep informed and educated. This is also a requirement of New York state. Licensing requirements are stringent and strictly enforced, making a career in real estate sales very challenging.


There are numerous schools located throughout New York state that offer courses in continuing real estate education, so how do you choose the one that fits your needs? First, you must decide whether you are able to, or want to attend classroom courses, or whether on line educational classes suit you better. Before you choose any particular school, check to see if it is accredited by the state of New York, and adheres to the training programs required by this state, because not all of them may be certified to do so. A school that is certified means that you will be obtaining the education you need to further the education you now have, as well as being in compliance with your state requirements. Anything less is a waste of time and money.


The housing market has endured many specific changes in the past few years, and a career in this field is especially challenging, even for seasoned professional agents. Your continuing real estate education is a way for you to forge ahead in the field and achieve success in the career you have chosen. Furthering your education through these courses being offered is one way to ensure that you are always aware of the changes being made by your state, and that you are up-to-date and current with the rules, regulations and laws that are in place at the time. This knowledge will enable you to stay at the top of your game, and ready for any changes that may occur in your chosen profession.


Decide how you want to receive your continuing education, and which way meets the needs of your busy schedule. Taking the courses on line over time may best suit you if you have a demanding schedule or family life, or are out in the field promoting sales a good share of the time. Real estate is hustle and bustle. Tons of research is needed to locate and work with potential clients who are looking for a home. It may be impossible to fit regulated classroom hours into your busy schedule, therefore on line courses may be what you need. Familiarize yourself with the regulations of your state, find an accredited school, and continue your education to be successful. If you are hoping to make a living at this, you have to realize that every other licensed agent has the same thought in mind, so be the best that you can in order to get ahead. Take advantage of all the information continuing education classes can offer you.