New York Egg Cream Beverage

If you were not brought up in New York or haven't had the pleasure of visiting, you've probably never heard of an Egg Cream.

What is a New York Egg Cream?

Egg creams were a beverage that was often served in candy stores and restaurants alike in the early 1900s. A New York Egg Cream is basically chocolate syrup, Whole Milk and Carbonated water (seltzer), mixed together in a cup to make a delicious chocolaty beverage. Contrary to the name, an egg cream actually does NOT contain any egg.


Chocolate Syrup (Kosher U-Bet is preferred)
Whole Milk
Carbonated water (Seltzer is preferred)


Add 1/2 inch of chocolate syrup to your cup
New York Egg Cream Step 1

Pour in 1 inch of milk into your cup

New York Egg Cream Step 2

Pour in 8-10 oz of Carbonated water

New York Egg Cream Step 3

Quickly mix the chocolate syrup in at the bottom with an extra long spoon

New York Egg Cream

Bon appetite!

Egg Cream Controversy

Before anybody comes in and gets angry saying that I've placed the ingredients in the wrong order, I'd like to mention that there are many ways to prepare an egg cream. Some people put the chocolate syrup in first, some put it in last. Ultimately it comes down to how you like it, if you like to put the chocolate syrup in after you've mixed the milk and Seltzer, go for it, it is your drink after all!