With all the headlines about New York and bed bugs it might lead one to believe that all the bed bugs in the United States live in the Big Apple. Do a Google search for bed bugs or bed bugs and New York and site after site will be titled “Bed Bugs New York City”, “Bed Bugs And New York”, “New York Hotels And Bed Bugs”, “Hotels With Bed Bugs New York” and on and on it goes.

Does New York really deserve all the bad rap about those pesky little critters? Well yes and no. There is mounting evidence that there is a near epidemic of bed bugs taking place there.

A report from the New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board, dated April 2010 and titled, Recommendations for the Management of Bed Bugs in New York City, contains an extensive list of the problems associated with bed bugs in the city. Among them are these notations:

In 2009, New York City adopted Local Law 14, which created a Bed Bug Advisory Board to guide the City in addressing bed bug infestations.

In 2009, 311 received 33,772 bed bug-related inquiries, up from 21,922 in 2008, an increase of 54%.

There were 426 confirmed bed bug cases resulting in treatment in 243 New York City public schools in FY 2009, twice as many as the preceding year.

New York also has a help line on the order of the nationwide 911 emergency help line. 311 is the number to call to report bed bug problems and also register complaints against apartment management firms and others who have refused to correct bed bug problems.

New York Infrastructure Is A Prime Target For Bed Bugs

With the huge population of New York, it's extensive range of communal structures such as high rise apartments, condominiums and office buildings, it is easy to understand why the city would experience a higher incidence of infestations than other municipalities.

The city also is a center of finance and commerce and receives a tremendous amount of incoming travel from world wide passengers arriving by plane, ship, train and other means. There is strong evidence that bed bugs are being transported into the U.S. from other countries.

Myfoxphilly.com reported a story on September 18, 2010 about the forced closing of the Nike flagship store in New York due to an infestation of bed bugs.

So it is not surprising that New York receives so much attention when ever attention is given to the problem of the rapidly escalating bed bug problem. However a little research will quickly prove that New York is not the only area where these pests are multiplying.

There have been a number of news stories over the past 3 or 4 years identifying the problem and mentioning the worst bed bug infested hotels. It would seem that no major city in the country has escaped the problems associated with bed bugs.

While "New York And Bed Bugs" may make the headlines most often they are certainly not alone dealing with this problem.

Bed Bugs Are Found In Many Public Areas

Bed Bugs are not only found in homes, schools, hotels and motels any longer.  They find their way into any area where the public concentrates. Movie theaters, department stores, and even ambulances are now finding they have to deal with the problem. They can even be transferred from one customer to another in moving vans.

The important thought to take away from any New York and Bed Bugs headline is an awareness that these little critters are becoming a major problem. As with any epidemic or bug problem, prevention is always easier than cure. Be sure keep up to date with the latest news about these pets and follow some basic preventive measures to ensure your home is your castle and not the abode of a bed bug family.