Are you looking for a beautiful area rug to compliment your exquisite furniture in your living room? There are dozens of different options available to you in the rub world, but nothing seems to be quite as trendy as a flawless New Zealand Sheepskin rug.

What is a New Zealand Sheepskin?

First of all sheepskin is a leather, wool-lined product that is used to make rugs, gloves, ugg boots, pelts, baby clothing as well as Sheepskin rugs. Sheepskin is produced in predominantly three Countries. The UK, Australia as well as New Zealand; however New Zealand tends to be known for producing the highest quality sheepskin products.

Sheepskin RugNew Zealand Sheepskin Rug Sizes

New Zealand sheepskin rugs come in a variety of sizes ranging from 85cmx45cm to eight times this size. The dimensions of the sheepskin rug are going to determine the cost; the larger the rug, the more money you are going to have to fork over.

New Zealand Sheepskin Rug Colors

While sheepskin rugs can be died a number of colors, most manufacturers only carry them in white and black. Normally you wouldn't want to steer away from these colors as they look the most natural and tend to blend better into living rooms while looking natural.

Uses for New Zealand Sheepskin Rugs

Like a bear skin rug, or other skin rug, large New Zealand Sheepskin rugs look amazing in front of your fireplace. One really nice thing about sheepskin rugs is they are fire retardent. If you take a lighter or match to a sheepskin rug, it will char but the flame will extinguish itself within seconds.

Smaller sheepskin rugs are great bed side mats and also make fantastic yoga mats due to their very absorbent properties.

Cleaning Sheepskin Rugs

Cleaning sheepskin actually happens to be very easy unlike many other rugs. The secret to cleaning your sheepskin rug is to wash and dry and extremely low temperatures. It doesn't matter if you hand wash or machine wash your sheepskin, but make sure you do not wash above 40 C and use a very mild detergent.

If you plan on machine drying your sheepskin rug, spin dry the rug on the lowest temperature. If you are planning on hang drying allow the sheepskin rug to drip dry and never wring it out. If you are hang drying your sheepskin rug, try to avoid allowing direct sunlight to hit it.

Once your sheepskin rug is dried, take a steel dog comb and comb out the rub to bring back the original wool pile.