With Zhu Zhu Pets being the must have toy of the decade it is nice to know these cute little bundles have fun still have time for family! For January 2010 brings the New Zhu Zhu Babies, so the hamster toy collection can become even bigger!

So far six new Zhu Zhus are planned. Three girls and three boys, all with a back-story and individual personality to boot. Some like girly things so are supplied with comb and mirror, another enjoys bath-time so comes with a plastic duck and the eldest is growing up so fast he even has his own plate and spoon rather than merely the baby bottle his brothers and sisters have.

Unlike the original Zhu Zhu Pets, the babies all plastic toys, not plush toys. This opens up the world of hamster fun to kids with allergies to plush toys which is great news for any children that have so far been unable to join in with the hamster craze.

The six New Zhu Zhu Babies are sorted into two families, their parents being the original Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters so kids can make sure they collect a full family set.

Chunk and Pipsqueek are enjoying family fun with their three hamster kids; Little Peanut (a cute baby girl), Pumpkin (her elder sister who enjoys playing with her teddy) and Snickle Fritz (the eldest of the bunch and a boy eager to grow up fast).

Mr Squiggles and Num Nums have three kids of their own to collect; Muffin (their baby boy with his own baby carriage), Butter Cheeks (who loves bath-time so much he has his own ducky!) and elder sister Baby Cakes who loves to act grown up and copy her mum's beauty regime, with mirror and comb.

It definitely seems that the Zhu Zhu Hamsters are set to be a toy that stays a while. Nice to know they are not some 'flash in the pan' toy craze, but are actually one with a future. As new hamster friends come along, and now Zhu Zhu Hamster Babies are created, it gives kids more to collect and enjoy. With a baby stroller available already we anticipate even more cute and fun accessories will be made available for the babes come January.

Now your kid's Zhu Zhu Pet's Funhouse can be full to bursting with cute furry hamsters and their cute New Zhu Zhu Babies! Just do not ever think you have collected them all, as the Zhu Zhus look set to keep on multiplying!