With such innovative, and cutting-edge, advertising techniques, the various military service branches have gained an incredible influence over the mentality of our nation's population. Key slogans and phrases, like "Hooah!" or "You Can" have come to embody a universal sentiment that our countries' youth, in particular, have flooded to in droves. This familiarity runs deep into the thralls of the world's most popular social networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook, while elaborately adorning the exterior of multi-million dollar professional racecars and billboards that complement massive amounts of road and highway throughout our country's largest cities. 


The brightest minds at the head of these marketing campaigns, have successfully managed to give a realistic outlook on the many obligations of service, all while contrasting that with the increasing appeal of the benefits. In safeguarding our time-honored military traditions of the past, these massive campaigns have embraced new trends in technology that span print media all the way to the nearly endless reach and limitations of cyberspace. To be a soldier, a sailor, an airman, or a marine, has suddenly taken on a new, and dynamic appeal in the eyes of many: one that embraces the many service branch specific core values. 


The ultimate decision to go into the military, or enlist, is not one without its own periods of uncertainty, intrigue, and doubt. For many youngsters, this decision may be clear-cut. Those individuals may have found incredible decisiveness through their own self-motivation and determination to establish a new life in the way that only the military can offer. Various jobs are available in plenty, and the training received, as they may recognize early on, is paralleled to none. The various military branches certainly offer prospective recruits new opportunities, and, for some, an entirely new fresh start at life. 


To others who are contemplating joining the military, this decision may be met with much more resistance. Uncertainty may linger for months, coupled with a reluctance to fully 'give one's life away' for any extended period of time. Advice is often sought by these individuals, from others who may have gone through the same periods of similar indecisiveness, or from others who had either bad, or good (or both), personal experiences throughout their military service. Any given decision may ultimately culminate in establishing an extensive list of pros and cons, although, even this may not be the end to an individual's own personal search for meaning and direction. 


While each service branch has it's own special, and unique, benefits, as a country at war, these benefits do not come without some sort of cost. This cost may be minimal, although, one must always be mentally prepared with the mentality of potentially having to make the 'ultimate' sacrifice. Self-preservation is a wonderful aspect of being a human being. It is because of that reason that we have survived for thousands of years, although, when you join the military, you do give up a few things. You may be asked to move, or to deploy, or to reach beyond your own personal comfort zone in order to satisfy mission completion.


When faced with such a life-altering decision, it helps to think of things in the most realistic way possible. Gaining as much information about your service branch of interest is, most definitely, a start, although, you are the one who will make the ultimate decision in the end. Take as much time as you need, and think through all the various opinions, feedback, and data that you have collected, and you can rest easy knowing that you have made the best decision possible for yourself, and for your family.


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