As a non smoker living in Spain I am delighted with the new 2011 law, forbidding smoking in public places. The previous law in 2008 was just too weak, and many bars below a certain size opted to allow smokers to use their drugs inside. In my favourite restaurant there was a smoking area, which was basically one side of a large room. It was like having a peeing area in a swimming pool.

Now we will be able to go places and not have the stench of smokers pollution forced upon us. Our hair, clothes and, most importantly our lungs will be cleaner. The smoke will no longer make our eyes itchy and painful. The filthy, addict smokers can go an find somewhere else to kill themselves slowly.Or better still. Quit Smoking Now.

Keep Children Safe from Smokers

Now the next thing to do will be to make it against the law to smoke in a car when there are children present. They need protection from their parents that only care about getting their next fix of nicotine. Why would you do that to your children and still claim to love them?

The government here in Spain should do as they do in the UK and tax the cigarettes more too. Seeing as the smokers are the people more likely to end up in hospital with all sorts of horrible diseases. The higher price might make it more of a deterrent for the young ones that are short of brain cells and start smoking even though all of the dangers are well known. The smokers should get help to stop smoking.

The Spanish kids are like the kids world over, that think they will live forever and can't see the stupidity of chaining themselves to the tobacco drug industry that wants their money, so is prepared to have them addicted and forced to buy the product in the future. The tobacco industry have no morals at all. Stop Smoking.

Smokers are dirty people

There are complaints from smokers at being forced outside to smoke, and complaints from all groups about the sight of smokers taking their drugs in the doorways of bars. It is not very nice, the way that they just throw their butt ends on the floor when they are finished inhaling the poisons. It can even be hard to get into some bars in England without having to hold your breath as you pass the smokers, huddled together shivering in the cold. It is about time though that the non smokers of the world, got the upper hand with this important health issue.

Congratulation to the people of Spain on the new law. Smokers - Go and get help today to stop smoking, do yourself a favour and a huge favour to the people around you.