No matter if you’ve very traditional or not in the least, when it’s your time to get married you most likely remember that you’re supposed to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on you for the big day. You could wait until the last minute hoping to grab the first old thing you see, treating your shoes as your something new, borrowing a flower pin from your bridesmaid and wearing the blue garter your friends got for your bachelorette party. Or you could think ahead of time and opt for a more fancy way to incorporate your old, new, borrowed and blue items into your wedding day outfit.

As for something old, nothing beats a classic piece of jewelry handed down from one generation to another in yours or your fiancé’s family. A pair of gorgeous earrings, a lovely pendant falling perfectly into your gown’s neckline, a bracelet adding a vintage touch to your otherwise modern look or a lovely hair accessory will be a great way to add something old and do it wt style. And if you’re lucky, the piece of jewelry will have a blue gem in it, being your something old and blue in one. Jewelry is also great for something borrowed, so when looking for a piece tat will perfectly compliment your gown, think of some great items your family and friends have that they might be willing to lend you for your special day.

For their something new most brides choose their designer wedding dresses, made to order and fitting perfectly. As great a choice as it is for your something new, don’t forget your dress could also be your something old if you decide to wear your grandmother’s vintage gown. And even better, it could be your something old and something new in one if you decide to work with a dressmaker to update a vintage dress and make it more modern. Of course if you’re all about designer wedding dresses of today yet you do have your great aunt’s or mother’s dress available to do with as you please, you might want to use the lace trimming for your veil or handkerchief, or add the beading to your wedding day purse, taking care of something old that way.

Something borrowed can be anything, so use your memory and think back to who among your loved ones has something pretty and wedding appropriate. Maybe a bridesmaid has a cute little silver link purse that will work with your dress, maybe your fiancé’s aunt has a lovely veil she’s holding onto for her daughter, or maybe your sister has a fabulous broach that would finish off your look just right? Think and make sure to ask in advance, so you can consider other choices if they refuse, and also are not left with borrowing a lipstick that is not quite your shade at the last minute.

Your something blue is easiest to wear in the form of a garter or as jewelry, and those two forms are best choices if blue is not among your usual colors, as the garter will be hidden and soon forgotten and the jewelry with blue gems will return to its rightful owner the day after the wedding. If, however, blue is among your favorites, you can think of incorporating it into your wedding day look a bit more visibly. A pair of great blue shoes peaking from under your dress will not shock anyone, and you’re more likely to wear blue footwear again tan white. Adding a blue hair ornament or sash, especially if the bridesmaids dresses are blue, is also a great way to have your something blue while making the bridal party look great as a whole.

You don’t have to have anything old, new, borrowed or blue on you on your wedding day, or you can have everything fall under just one of these categories. But adding a touch of tradition, even to an otherwise very modern wedding, is just romantic and touchy, so give it a thought and act on it sooner rather than later, to have everything you want on your big day.