The Apple IPhone is one of the most dynamic gadgets and innovations of recent times. Ever since the first IPhone was launched, it has held the people spellbound. Now, the latest installation of the Apple IPhone is bound to hit many new markets and countries while it has already become a rage in USA. The Apple IPhone 5 is a great device that is being keenly awaited by the people who want to use a new gadget. IPhone 5 is a device that the critics are calling the best smartphone so far. However, before we come upon sudden conclusions, we need to know more about the IPhone 5.

The First Look
A first and superficial look at the new IPhone 5 reveals the ingenuity that the makers have devoted in making this gizmo.The IPhone 5 has the same looks as the usual IPhone models of the past. However, interestingly, the case of the gadget is slim and light as usual. Also, the phone is lighter than the usual IPhone 4. This is because the hardware of the phone has been adequately cut to size. This means that the phone's trademark frame will be easy to hold in your fist as it is lighter than ever. These are some great features.

The One Hand Use
The entire concept behind the IPhone 5 is that you will be able to to use the entire gadget with one hand.The controls of the IPhone 5 are smooth and flexible. This means that you will be able to surf and browse the Internet and even make your calls. The IPhone 5 with its one-hand control feature is something that will make calling and texting messages quite easy and handy. The IPhone 5 has now simplified the entire task of browsing and surfing on the Internet really handy in a literal sense. Thus, the One Hand Use is a really cool thing.

Screen Size and Other Features
As said before, the makers of the IPhone 5 have cut most of the size of the new gadget. The IPhone 5 is one of the lightest smartphones and it is considerably slimmer.However, this does not mean that the makers compensate in the screen size of the phone. The screen size is quite impressive at 4 inches and it makes the entire IPhone look smart and trendy.The colors and tones of the aluminum and glass body look rather cool. Thus, the screen size and body are quite worth consideration.

A Closer Look
A closer look at the IPhone 5 comes across as a revelation. This has to do with the fact that the IPhone 5's headphone jack is located on the bottom instead on the top of the IPhone 5. The IPhone 5's jack may be a bit of a problem. This has to do with the fact that you cannot make the IPhone stand stably in the treadmill socket or elsewhere as well. The phone has this little problem. The charger socket is also changed along with the headphone socket.The charger socket has been cut to size as well. These are some new changes to the new IPhone 5.

The USB Features
The USB connectivity feature in the IPhone 5 is a bit of hit and miss. This is because the USB 2.0 connectivity is quite slow and sluggish. The phone could have had a smoother USB 3.0 connectivity which would have made things really cool.However, it does work well enough. On the other hand, the camera in the IPhone 5 is significantly better than that in the previous versions. The camera can take some great shots and there are some new add-ons that make shooting images really cool.

The Camera Features
The camera is one of the talking things of the new IPhone 5. This is because the camera can shoot a number of sharp and crystal clear images without making things messy and blurry.The camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels. The sharp resolution means that we will be able to shoot a number of high-definition images and videos.There is another special feature of the camera. This is that the IPhone camera has a sapphire crystal lens in the camera and back-illuminated sensor which naturally lights up each of your images as you click them.

The 4G Connectivity
The IPhone 5 comes with 4G Internet connectivity. The 4G Connectivity helps the users to browse the Internet through the phone with the 4G facilities and they will be able to download a lot of useful applications.You can also download games and play them to have fun. With the 4G connectivity features, you will also be able to share files and send text messages and emails to the other people as well. The 4G connectivity can be used for speedy Internet browsing and you will also enjoy the other applications and programs of the Internet as well.

The Battery Life and Bluetooth
Bluetooth facilities in the IPhone 5 are really worth talking about. The Bluetooth facilities will make it easy for the device to be synced with computers and other communication handsets.The battery life is also impressive at 10 hours and you can enjoy a lot of great Internet browsing without any trouble at all. This also means that the IPhone 5 is a handy and tough device that will last the test of time for long. It is solid and its battery life suggests that it is also very reliable as well.

The Final Words

The new news is that the IPhone 5 will be useful in making calls only after you plug in what is called a Micro SIM card. This card is still not available from the major service providers. However, this is only a minor problem. This is because the other applications and features on the IPhone 5 will be worth looking out for. Thus, you can buy the new IPhone 5 and you will be very happy with the overall features and performance of this new product. Apple has created a revolution few years back by introducing iPhone into the market. Apple is taking that revolution further by constantly coming with the new versions of the world famous iPhone. This time, Apple has made a giant stride by iPhone 5. Come on, be a part of the revolution by being a iPhone 5 user.