We all have that yearning from time to time to change how our home looks. As the owner you have probably lived with the same designs for many years and whilst it still looks great to others, to you its ready for a change. A quick way to alter the look of your home is by painting it, it doesn't cost a lot of money and the results are quickly seen.

Before you start on a project like this, there are many decisions you may need to make. By far the most major decision is whether this painting is going to be on the inside, exterior and for the more adventurous, both! It's not just you who will observe the results of your hard work, if you paint the external walls, people passing by will see that fresh new look. For palpable reasons you couldn't repaint the external walls if you lived in a apartment as the building does not belong to you. Therefore if you live a condo, any redecorating will have to be done on the interior walls. For most individuals, repainting the inside is the option they will decide upon, which stands to reason as the interior requires redecorating more regularly.

Moreover, it is important to think about who will do the painting itself. The cheaper choice is to complete the painting yourself, with hopefully the help of family and friends. The only cost will be the new paint colour, a couple of tools and possibly a couple of beers and pizzas for your assistants. There is a negative side to carrying out the job yourself and that is the amount of time it will take and the disruption involved over a longer period of time. If you want someone to do the painting for you, you do have to pay them, but you can continue in your everyday life more or less without disruption.

Now you have decided what you are going to redecorated and what area of your home is to be painted, you need to decide on the colour. A small or dark area can be easily changed by covering the walls with either a pale light colour or a bright colour such as yellow. It is important to think about whether the wall covering will compliment the furniture and accessories in the room it does not have to be the same shade but they should be complementary. As for the exterior paint, be careful not to make your home look totally like the one next to yours. However, it is probably not a good idea to paint the outside of the property with overly bright colours, a colour that blends in with the neighbourhood is probably the best idea.

These opinions are up to you, only you know what is best for you and your house. In case you are arranging to paint your home anytime soon, good luck with it!