Interior design can be a passion of many people and there are a number of ways in which you can update the look of a room. Furnishing a room is an important part of the overall look, although over time sofas and armchairs can become well worn and a little jaded through constant daily use. However even though furniture may look worn out, it can still have useful life and using slip covers is a simple way to update the style of an older piece of furniture.

If you enjoy interior design then it may be that you like to change the look of your rooms every so often. Furniture covers are a simple way to do this without the need for expensive decorating. With a few different covers to put on sofas and armchairs the look of a room can be transformed easily and different looks can be created as and when the mood takes you.

The major benefit of using slip covers obviously comes down to cost. Stylish furniture can be expensive and it may not be that you always have the money available for this. A slip cover is a fraction of the cost of buying large pieces of furniture but can update the look of an older sofa and make it more presentable. There are other advantages however. It can help protect the original fabric on a sofa and this can increase the usable life of a piece of furniture.

If you want to cut down on housework then slip covers can help. It is impossible to stop getting stains on furniture especially if you have children. Scrubbing dirt from the original fabric is not always so easy but if the furniture has a slip cover it is simply a case of removing the cover and washing it. Many can be washed in a machine and this can make the process of cleaning and replacing the cover even easier.

Various types of slip cover are available on the market and this can range from simple covers for cushions to larger armchair and sofa cushion covers. Many of the larger covers for sofas and chairs are made from stretch fabric and this can provide a snug fit over the existing fabric.

Many people collect various pieces of furniture which may be difficult to pull together in a coordinated way. If you have a round leather ottoman, a fabric sofa and vinyl armchairs they may not work well together as a furniture set. However by using matching slip covers it is simple to pull the style of these together and creative an attractive look.

If you are looking for slip covers for sofas there are a few good places to look. IKEA is one of the better furniture stores and has a wide selection available in various sizes, styles and colors. One of the best on the internet is Sure Fit and they produce a range of sofa covers in stretch fabric. There are also a number of other retailers that stock their products.

Costs are reasonable for sofa slip covers and in comparison to purchasing a new piece of furniture it is a much more affordable option. For a one piece cover, costs are typically $40 to $50. For larger three piece stretch covers the cost can rise to around $150 to $200.