There is no doubt about it, the easiest and best way to get your website or blog ranked high in search engines like Google is to build incoming links. An incoming link is just a website that links to your website. Every genuine link you can build to your website, builds an element of trust with Google. You can spend all of your time optimizing your website with the latest SEO or search engine optimization practices, but you will still need to build up links to get high listings to your website.

One of the most common ways webmasters used to build links, was to send an email to another webmaster simply asking for a link. That may have once worked, but most webmasters now treat these emails as spam and they probably don't even bother opening them.

Google also clamped down on sites buying links to influence their search rankings, so even if you have money to spend, it is not easy to get links. The internet is all about links or relevant links and search engines can give credit to your site for linking out to relevant websites. So while the methods for getting links to your website may have changed a little, marketers and webmasters just need to get a little more creative in their link building strategies.

Maintain a blog on your website

Running a blog on your website is perhaps one of the easiest ways to continually add fresh content to your website. People can easily follow your writing and with features, like comments in blogs, it is an easy way to establish a community on your website and get instant feedback.

If you start developing an audience, you will start to get people linking to your articles. Bloggers generally have a good record of linking back to the source of their information.

Connect with other websites in your niche

I really get annoyed when I get an email like "I really like your website on ..., I just started a website on the same topic. Would you mind linking to it?"

If the person enjoyed my website or blog so much, did they bother to leave a comment on my blog? Did they join my forum and add some useful posts? No. If you want someone to link to your website, become a regular contributor to their website first. As long as the website is not super popular, the blogger or webmaster will appreciate your contribution and may reward you by linking to something interesting on your site.

Have something interesting to say

People are only going to link to interesting stories, pictures or videos. While whatever you write about doesn't have to be earth shattering, as long as it is topical, takes an interesting or controversial viewpoint, people will find and link to your web site. Some people use "link bait" to do this. Link bait is where you post something outrageous that gets people's attention and they just can't help linking to your website. Opinions vary on the topic, but I think it is important that the information has some resemblance to the truth, otherwise the strategy could backfire.

Run interviews and get interviewed on your site

Everyone wants to feel a little bit famous on the internet and doing interviews is a good way to get content and links to your website. Find blogs and websites in your niche that run interviews and send a friendly email to the webmaster to see if they might be interested in interviewing you for their site.

If you interview someone for your site, the interviewee will generally link back to the interview and tell all their friends about the interview they did. Here is an interview I did recently on my blog with internet marketer Lis Sowerbutts.