Airport parking is something every traveler has to think about before they can venture off to their vacation destination or business trip. The topic becomes even more stressful and overwhelming when they depart from a busy airport because there are extra factors that the traveler has to deal with. Those boarding a plane have to deal with traffic delays around their terminal, remember not to pack too much so their baggage isn't overweight and find themselves paying extra fines, waiting for long lines to get through security and deciding where to park their vehicle while they are away and traveling. However, at the same time, there are many tips for travelers to take advantage for making for a stress free trip to the airport.

One of the busiest airports near New York City is in Newark, New Jersey. Although the airport is smaller in comparison with other airports in the vicinity, it is a smart alternative to those living in the cities that don't want to deal with busy traffic near other international terminals. Residents and visitors coming from New York and New Jersey sometimes opt to depart from this airport to lessen the number of travelers at the neighboring international airports in hectic Manhattan. In order to travel out of Newark, here are some Newark airport parking tips and resources to keep in mind before departing from this airport.

If the vacation or business trip spans over just a few days or maybe a week, it may be smart to look into long-term options for Newark airport parking discounts. Those travelers who don't plan ahead may find that they will have to pay overpriced parking rates or valet options when they reach the airport terminal. Instead, determine parking arrangements before driving to the terminal and research what types of options are available for Newark airport parking. Travelers should know that there are many parking garages and lots that are just a few miles from Newark that can also offer shuttle service to the front of the terminal.

Another tip when determining what type of parking option to go for is to ask the parking supervisor or attendant about what kind of security system takes place overnight and throughout the day. Some parking lots are gated and only those with reservations are allowed to enter and some garages uphold to an actual security person who surveys the parking area for any suspicious actions. Make sure to ask about these security questions before booking a reservation.

Travelers with expensive cars or for those who just want to avoid dirty parking lots should look into Newark airport parking options with covered parking or garages. These options keep vehicles cleaner and away from dust that often builds up when cars are parking outdoors for days at a time.

A helpful resource when it comes to airport parking is the airport concierge. They might know of some of the best parking options or personal preferences that offer great service to their clients. Remember to plan ahead when it comes to parking at the airport.