Are you just commencing or considering learning to play the guitar? What you may or may not know is that picking the proper guitar for you really depends on the type of music you choose to perform. Are you looking to play mostly Latin, classical or folk songs? Are you a rock or country fan and will expend most of your time playing these kinds of songs? You will need to make up your mind as to what style of music you will be playing so you'll be able to get the proper rookie guitar. Below are a few rookie guitar tips.

For Latin and classical songs you'll will want a nylon-stringed guitar. Nylon is also significantly simpler than and not as harsh as steel-strings are on your own fingers and most tutors suggest new guitarists to get a nylon-stringed guitar. This isn't a bad recommendation but just remember that nylon strings are perfect for Latin and classical sort songs.

If classical isn't your thing and you favor rock, then for rock songs you will have to have a steel string guitar. Steel strings are very much harder on your own fingers. Whenever you just start out, you'll find that it might be a little uncomfortable and sore. But over time you will get used to it and calluses will form on your own fingers will which stop them from hurting.

Even though the above can prove really useful for a beginner to know which guitar to begin with, one more vital area shouldn't be neglected, your wallet. If you're just starting to learn, then you may discover that you do not have much to invest or just don't wish to spend much on a guitar. If you are in this situation, you could just pick a novice guitar. While it may perhaps not be the best guitar for the type or design of music you hope to perform, think of it as just a small step. When just beginning, you should focus more on mastering your technique and guitar playing skills, or at least learning the basics.

These are just two types of guitars that are suitable for beginners. Regardless of what guitar you get, just bear in mind that you may want to try out several various kinds of guitars before you make up your mind as to which design and ultimately which kind of guitar you'll get. There is no point in purchasing an expensive guitar only to discover that the strings are unbearably difficult on your fingers or you may choose to perform some other type of music and will want another guitar.