Welcoming a new baby boy into your home is an exciting time in your life. Shopping for newborn boy clothes can be fun and overwhelming all at once, especially when you factor in the idea that your baby could be born a lot larger or even smaller than the average newborn. So how do you know what size newborn clothes to pick out for baby, and how do you determine which items of clothing you actually need for your little boy when he comes home?

Basics in Newborn Boy Clothes

There are several basic items of clothing that every new parent will need for their baby once he is finally home. By starting with the basics you’ll be able to ensure you don’t have too many items of clothing that he may never even wear, and that you don’t find yourself with nothing to dress baby up in when he is at home.

Here are the basics that your newborn son will need in his closet for at least the first three months of his life.

  • Socks. At least five pairs of baby socks are a must-have for your little boy. When you factor in the idea that a lot of baby socks wind up missing, you may need to consider getting two packages of sock so that you aren’t constantly scrambling to find missing socks. Stick with all one color so that you also don’t have to worry about matching the socks. Plain white, blue, black, or red can make keeping his tootsies a lot easier.
  • Simple t-shirts and undershirts. Plain white, yellow, or blue shirts that are easy to clean are an essential part of your baby’s wardrobe. Since baby might go through several changes in his day due to spitting up or diaper explosions, it is best to have a lot on hand when you need them. Durable and easy to clean are pretty much the essentials of any newborn wardrobe.
  • All-in-one outfits are a great idea, especially the footie pajamas. They can be a bit of a pain to button up at the bottom, but buttons are preferable to zippers that will make removing squirmy baby feet a challenge at 2 in the morning. Several pairs of pajamas will keep baby warm and can also be worn during the day if you aren’t going anywhere special.
  • Baby won’t need much more than two or three special outfits to wear for trips to grandparent’s houses, or for photo days. Many parents get adorable outfits from friends and family during the baby shower, so keep that in mind when shopping for newborn boy clothes.

One of the most special outfits that baby will wear is bound to be his coming home outfit. Take some time to pick out the perfect “coming home outfit” for your newborn boy, but try to wait to pick it out until your doctor has given you an approximate size prediction for your little one. If he is going to be a 10lb newborn then you’ll find that a lot of standard-sized newborn boy clothes will be too snug on him.

The Special Outfits

You are bound to want some special outfits for your newborn, especially for when you get his portraits taken. You’ll be able to find some adorable newborn boy clothes at baby clothing stores like Carters and Baby Gap, but if you want something that is a little more personalized to your particular tastes then you may need to go to a newborn boy clothes boutique that will offer a selection that is unique from the clothing you’ll find in other stores. For the homemade touch, you’ll find that the skilled artisans on Etsy offer exceptional quality clothing that can often also be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Something to keep in mind when dressing your newborn in his special outfits is that newborns are not at all conscious of the fact that one outfit is more special than the next. So if you are going to be dressing him for portraits then you should consider waiting until he has been fed, changed, and is feeling sleepy. Newborn bowel movements can be explosive, to say the least, and it would be horribly upsetting to have him soil his special outfit right before a photo-shoot.

Shopping the Sales

Because newborn clothes can be outgrown so very fast, often before you’ve even had a chance to put the outfit on baby, you should try to find some good deals on newborn boy clothes. It seems silly to spend a lot of money on clothing for a newborn when he is just going to soil it and then outgrow it in a relatively short amount of time.

Look for newborn boy clothes clearance sales so that you can score the best deals on clothing for your little one. Remember to get season-appropriate clothing, because baby’s body won’t be able to regulate his temperature as easily as yours will be. However, you should avoid bundling him up too much indoors during the winter because he could get hot and sweaty with the combination of the indoor heating.

Pick out items of clothing that can be layered on your little one. Some newborn boy clothes that are best for this will be undershirts, plain t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleecy pants or shirts, and of course a few hats. Regardless of the season, it is advisable to get baby to wear a hat. In the winter he will need to keep his head warm, and in the summer months he will need good protection from the sun.

Keep in mind that you will likely get a lot of newborn boy clothes at your baby shower. People love to buy baby socks, cute outfits, bibs, and other baby wardrobe essentials. Before you set out to buy the clothing that your baby will need, consider waiting to see what essentials you are given at your baby shower. This can save you some money and help to avoid the need to return some things after your shower.