Newborn girl clothes are filled with lace, frills, and plenty of pink. For a new mom there is nothing quite as fun as dressing her little girl up in outfits that show off her cuteness. Shopping for girls is a lot more fun for some than shopping for boys can be, primarily because there seems to be an overwhelmingly larger percentage of choices for dressing a baby girl.

Vitamins Baby-Girls Newborn 2 Piece Dress SetThere are so many adorable choices that it can be all too easy to fill your baby girl’s closet with more outfits than you have, even before she is born. It is important not to purchase too many newborn girl clothes because babies do grow so rapidly; she may even outgrow most of her new outfits before she’s even had a chance to wear them.

Dressed to the Nines

Getting your little girl dressed up is a lot of fun for a new mom, but it is also important to have a few special outfits for special occasions and for her photo shoots. Some of the special occasions where you may need to dress your little girl up could include the following.

  • Family functions like birthday parties and weddings
  • Church events
  • Visits to grandma’s house

There are a number of choices in outfits for these occasions; some that even stray away from the color pink that seems to typically overwhelm the closet of a newborn girl. The classic red, white, and black dress is a sure way to dress up your little girl; with some white tights and adorable black shoes, she’ll be ready for any formal occasion.

Vitamins Baby-Girls Newborn 3 Piece Footed Coverall Set Rose FlowersWith a few dresses and even some nice shirts and pants in her wardrobe, you’ll have everything you need to get your little girl ready for special occasions. If you are looking for something truly unique then a newborn girl clothes boutique may just offer you the perfect choice in outfit.

The skilled crafters on Esty can also provide the perfect solution for that extra-special outfit. Etsy artisans also are typically more than happy to create customized newborn girl clothes for their customers, so if you have a particular vision in mind then you may just find shopping for newborn girl clothes in Etsy is a great choice for you.

Shopping for Casual Outfits

Gerber Baby-Girls Newborn 2 Pack Snap Front Sleep and PlayWhether you have a newborn boy or a newborn girl, the reality is that babies do a lot of spitting up, peeing, and of course pooping on their clothing. With this in mind, it is important that you have plenty of casual outfits on hand to dress her up in when you need to change your little one half a dozen times a day.

Shop at some of your favorite stores to find newborn girl clothes clearance sales and you are sure to find a lot of great deals. Some of the best places to find deals on newborn girl clothes include the following stores.

  • Carters
  • Baby Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Macy’s
  • The Children’s Place
  • Target

End of season sales are typically where a lot of great bargains can be found. Of course it doesn’t make sense to purchase clothing for winter if your baby is going to be born in the summer months, but you may still be able to find larger sizes that she can wear next winter. Be careful when buying clothing for future seasons because it can be very difficult to predict what size your little one will be wearing a year from now.

It is also typically recommended that parents wait until their doctor has given them a rough size-estimation on their baby so that they will know whether to skip the newborn-sized outfits altogether and go straight to larger sizes that may better fit a baby who is predicted to be 10lbs at birth.

If you live near to a lot of your family members and your friends who have baby girls then you may find that they have plenty of pre-owned outfits to send your way. Because babies do grow so fast, you may even find that some of the outfits look practically new. Hand-me-downs are a great way to ensure that you have plenty of clothing on hand for the frequent outfit changes that your baby could require after each meal and diaper change.

Calvin Klein Newborn Girls Pink Floral L-S Bodysuit SetSecond-hand clothing stores also offer great selections that can give you plenty of casual newborn girl clothes that you won’t mind too much if they get stained or otherwise messed on. Just remember to always thoroughly wash anything that comes into your home, as the clothing may have previously been in a home that has pets or may have been cleaned with detergents that disagree with baby’s delicate skin.

Another consideration is to look into the option of organic clothing. If an organic lifestyle is important to you and your family then you will want to look for newborn girl clothes that fit in perfectly with your lifestyle. Organic clothes are often made from wholly renewable materials, and have been manufactured without the use of some of the chemicals that are most often found in other types of clothing. All of the clothing that we buy brand new is typically treated with a range of chemicals to help keep pests from destroying the fabric, but unfortunately these chemicals can bring out a sensitivity in some babies.

Keep in mind that if you are having a baby shower, you will very likely receive a lot of great goodies for your new baby girl. Newborn girl clothes are irresistible to those who are shopping for presents for a new baby, so you may find that a lot of your clothing needs for baby are taken care of by the friends and family who come to your shower. Consider waiting to see what items you get at the shower before you set out to buy a lot of clothing essentials for baby, so that you can avoid the need to return items. Be sure to have a registry at some of your favorite stores, so that your friends and family will know what items you are really looking for.