Buying clothes for a newborn baby can be confusing and expensive. Everyone has dreams of seeing their baby in a perfect little dress or tuxedo, but those aren't really practical options for newborns. Newborns need soft and comfy clothing to keep them feeling comfortable. A good general rule is to make sure that your baby is covered up and not exposed to the elements. Here are some common types of clothes that you'll want to buy for your newborn baby.


Baby Sleeper
This is a one piece item with long sleeves and long legs. They usually include full feet coverings also. And as the name suggests, it's the perfect thing for your baby to sleep in. And since newborns sleep quite a lot during all hours of the day, this is a great all-purpose clothing option for your baby.

Think of this as a mini version of a sleeper. It usually has short sleeves and no legs. It's another one piece garment for your newborn baby, but you usually put pants on over it. And depending on the weather and other conditions, you may put a jacket on over the upper body. This is going to be a staple of your newborn baby clothes selection, so plan on buying lots of these. Simple and practical, and no one expects your newborn to dress up very much.

Hats and Headwear
It's important to keep your newborn warm. And humans lose most of our body heat from our heads. So it's important to select some hats and caps to help keep your baby warm, especially when going outside. Knit caps are popular and pretty easy to keep available. They can be folded and stuffed inside bags, purses and coat pockets. Try to always keep something handy to cover your baby's head.

Things to Keep in Mind
In general, it's important to keep a few things in mind when you're buying clothes for your newborn baby. First, just because you think it's cute doesn't mean it's a good idea. Feel everything carefully. Your baby's skin is very soft and sensitive. So be very aware and deliberate about the texture and quality of fabrics in the clothing that you buy.

Second, buy a size or two too big. This will help save you money as your child grows into things, but also helps make sure they can move around when they want to. Remember, your child is learning everything about a brand new world, and usually they do that by kicking and punching their way around things. Loose fitting clothes will help keep them comfortable and also save you some money.

And the last thing to remember when you're looking for newborn baby clothes is that you don't have to buy everything. Friends and family will often have 'hand me down' baby clothes available. Don't be afraid to ask around and find items they're not using any longer. That will also help you save some money and make you feel better when you do decide to buy that cute little baby tuxedo.

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