Newgate clocks bring a bit of British elegance and mid-century charm to wherever they are placed. Whether it's a Newgate clock on the bedside table or over the mantel, its iconic look and quality design is sure to draw eyes.  This post covers what you need to know about these clocks, what makes Newgate clock design so special, and where best to buy them.

Newgate Clock Design: Historic, Yet Modern Style

Newgate Putney Wall ClockWhile these clocks are often praised for their vintage and sometimes retro lines, the company Newgate Clocks has only been around since 1991. The British company has made a name for itself for being, well, very British in taste. This has led to a global following for these timepieces. The styling of these clocks is impeccable, and Newgate Clocks covers the market with a variety of unique styles.

You'll find Newgate clocks hinting at a vintage past while directly embracing a retro future. Exaggerated ovals and other distinctive shapes are a moniker of this brand. Bubble lenses over the clock faces are a popular feature, along with the use of bold colors and vintage feeling acrylics. The sizes and types of Newgate clocks runs from oversized wall clocks to hand-sized alarm clocks. Plus, the clock faces are often distressed to give a more vintage feel. There are many Newgate wall clocks that have a modern train station clock appeal. These Newgate station clocks come in as many varieties as the rest of the Newgate clock line.

Newgate Clocks Selection

You can find a Newgate clock that meets your design needs, no matter the room. Some of the more popular Newgate clocks on include:Newgate Metro Alarm Clock

Metro Alarm Clock

An exceptional timepiece for the contemporary bedroom, the Newgate Metro Alarm Clock's red acrylic casing mixed with a vintage clock face creates a unique modern twist.

Newgate Cube ClockThe Cube Clock

With a touch of retro glamour all its own, Newgate's Cube Clock is a real looker. This clock can work well on a mantle or sitting atop a work desk.

Newgate Bullitt Wall Clock

Bullitt Wall Clock

Welcome to the retro future. Newgate's Bullitt Wall Clocks with their distinctive oval styling are impossible to ignore. It's a strong contemporary look that will play well with many modern designs, whether in a living room or office. 

Newgate Bubble Wall ClockBubble Wall Clock

Another vintage-looking Newgate beauty. This oversized wall clock features a bubble lens that will definitely make a statement in your design.

The Price And Where To Buy Newgate Clocks

Newgate clocks typically cost between $40 and $100, but some models can reach $200 or more. You can buy Newgate clocks online. carries a nice selection, and often it has Newgate clocks on sale. If you prefer a face-to-face retail experience, many high-end department stores also carry good selections of Newgate clocks.